Watch One-Arm Drummer JACK THOMAS Nailing Rendition of SLIPKNOT’s Challenging Track “Duality”

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Popular YouTube drumming channel Drumeo has shared a video of Jack Thomas – a drummer with one arm – tackling a simply phenomenal and truly must-see rendition of SLIPKNOT’s technically challenging track “Duality”. You can watch the video below.

“I have been drumming and playing music basically my entire life. As well as with bass guitar, music is everything that I am. About five years ago [age 17], I was involved in a tragic workplace accident that unfortunately resulted in the loss of my right arm. For a brief moment, I thought I’d never be able to play drums again,” says Thomas at the beginning of the video, which then gives way to his performance of SLIPKNOT ‘s 2004 smash hit, originally included on “Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)”

The dissonant “Duality” might be one of the most complex and truly difficult songs drum-wise in the SLIPKNOT catalog, and in metal overall, and picking it as the song for this video is nothing short of epicness. Thomas effortlessly navigates through the track nuances – without missing a beat, a cymbal crash or a detail – proving his undeniable virtuosity, and actually smiling at times while nailing certain sections.

“I was working on a conveyor belt and I tripped out,” Thomas added after finishing the drum cover. “Before I even had a chance to fight for myself, my arm was severed. I had to go inside and get myself some help, which is where I was told, ‘Sorry buddy, your arm is gone.’ Hearing those words as a human being is not something you know how to react to. We’re supposed to get through our life with all our limbs. Being a drummer, that’s kind of career-ending. You kind of need all the limbs you have to play the instrument you play. Now I throw into the mix that I was only 17-years old.”

The drummer went on to explain that it was only a few minutes before he realized that he can’t let this event define him and that it is a new challenge to overcome, encouraging others to adopt the same determined attitude in life. Throwing down the gauntlet, he politely added: “If I can play ‘Duality’ by Slipknot with just one hand, what’s your excuse?”

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