Watch MIKE PORTNOY’s Attempt To Learn TOOL’s “Pneuma” In Drumeo Challenge

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We can all agree that Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy is no stranger to extremely complex drumming. Still, his latest Drumeo challenge might be his most epic yet: mastering Tool‘s 12-minute epic “Pneuma” from their 2019 album “Fear Inoculum.” Known for its intricate rhythms and signature Danny Carey flair, this 12-minute monster has left countless drummers in awe.

Portnoy’s method of learning this daunting piece involves a nearly six-hour Drumeo session filled with attempts to decode the song’s intricacies. Throughout the process, Portnoy peppers his efforts with self-deprecating humor, acknowledging the near-impossible task of replicating Carey‘s advanced drumming.

“I knew this song from hearing it as a fan, as a casual listener,” Portnoy confessed at the end of the final take. “I was blown away by it, but never in a million years had I considered learning it. There’s no way on Earth I could have learned all of Danny‘s fills. I mean, I’m sure Danny spent days, weeks, months, years constructing this masterpiece – and it is a masterpiece, it really is – but there’s no way even though I know my odd time signatures and all that… I’m a feel guy, and this was a challenge and a half. I don’t know if I should thank you or kill you.”

In a playful twist, Portnoy threw down the gauntlet to Carey, saying, Danny, you got to come in do Dream Theater‘s ‘The Dance Of Eternity’ now.”


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