VLTIMAS (Featuring ex-MORBID ANGEL, ex-MAYHEM & CRYPTOPSY Members) Announce New Album “Epic”, Share Music Video for “Miserere”

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Vltimas have been legends since the dawn of metal. Rune Eriksen took hold of axe-wielding duties for the second coming of Mayhem. Flo Mounier has been drumming for Cryptopsy since their earliest exhumations of the Canadian underground. And who could forget David Vincent, the larger-than-life vocalist for Morbid Angel.

Having already made history, some metalheads may have stroked their beards and wondered if there could possibly be any new realms for this band to conquer. But on their new album “Epic”, scheduled for release on March 15th, Vltimas ascend to truly epic heights. Do not believe us, watch it for yourself by checking out the music video for the band’s first single “Miserere”, below.

Pre-order “Epic” HERE

Vltimas have been making grand declarations of war for more than 30 years, but “Miserere” isn’t just another offering at the altar of madness. “I spread my misery, biblically evolved”, Vincent sings in a  baritone that’s so monstrous it could summon an army of the dead. The drums speed ahead mercilessly, mowing down all onlookers under a barrage of surgical blast beats, as riffs hail from all directions with enough firepower to shatter bulletproof glass. 

The world throws us all trials and tribulations constantly,” says Vltimas. “We use this angst as a weapon in our art to scoring the apocalypse”.


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