VLTIMAS (Featuring ex-MORBID ANGEL, ex-MAYHEM & CRYPTOPSY Members) Burn With Righteous Scorn on New Single “Scorcher”

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Vltimas have been legends since the dawn of metal. Rune Eriksen took hold of axe-wielding duties for the second coming of Mayhem. Flo Mounier has been drumming for Cryptopsy since their earliest exhumations of the Canadian underground. And who could forget David Vincent, the larger-than-life vocalist for Morbid Angel.

Having already made history, some metalheads may have stroked their beards and wondered if there could possibly be any new realms for this band to conquer. But on their new album “Epic”, scheduled for release on March 15th, Vltimas ascend to truly epic heights.

Some metal songs prefer to slowly unfold before blowing out your ear drums. But rest assured, “Scorcher”, the band’s most recent single is not a slow burn. Sure, the guitars lure you in with a smoky seance. Once Rune tightens those chords into icy black tremolo picking though, Vltimas take off like a bat out of hell. The amps crank up; Flo fires off blast beats that are hot enough to singe an angel’s wings, while David Vincent unleashes a miles-long battle cry: “Satan laughs as worlds collide!”

Pre-order “Epic” HERE and watch the lyric video for “Scorcher” below.

His growl is so massive, so heartless, you’d better believe that he’s talking about himself. “‘Scorcher’ brings to life a fantastic story of the great purge that’s coming our way”, says Vincent. “Humanity has been sleepwalking toward this reckoning for centuries. There will be no refuge, nor mercy granted”.

The drums speed ahead mercilessly, mowing down all onlookers under a barrage of surgical blast beats, as riffs hail from all directions with enough firepower to shatter bulletproof glass. 

The world throws us all trials and tribulations constantly,” says Vltimas. “We use this angst as a weapon in our art to scoring the apocalypse”.

“Epic” Album Artwork

“Epic” Tracklist

1. Volens Discordant (1:02)
2. EPIC (4:35)
3. Miserere (3:51)
4. Exercitus Irae (4:01)
5. Mephisto Manifesto (05:05)
6. Scorcher (03:21)
7. Invictus (5:30)
8. Nature’s Fangs (3:52)
9. Spoils of War (5:54)


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