VIDEO PREMIERE: Venezuelan Project AURA Debuts Video for “Scene 5: The Voice” from Upcoming Opera Rock Album “Aura Nueva”

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AURA, the new project of Venezuelan vocalist Chego Cabrices, has premiered its first single today, and the lyric video can be watched below. “Escena 5: La Voz” (Scene 5: The Voice) it’s the name of the track, which breaks Cabrices‘ artistic silence after working on the production of this new album for the past 2 years and a half. The first taste of what his opera rock album entitled Aura Nueva, the song has the participation of singers and musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela.

“La Voz” is a song musically inspired by an amalgam of artists/bands like Dream Theater, Meat Loaf, Bon Jovi, Neal Morse and Avantasia, and spins around the grandiose orchestration created by Juan Dussan.  Epic sounding, it paves the way thematically for the plot narrated in the album.  The inclusion of Colombian’s Alejandro Cuevas portraying “El Futuro” and Venezuelian’s Avelino Romero personifying “El Padre” as guest musicians adds layers of vocals making the listening experience a rewarding one.

“This song reflects that moment in the life of a person in which they feel everything stopped, everything has lost its meaning and the life they thought they had is no more. Marco, the protagonist of the Opera goes through such a terrible experience, one that changes everything for him, and we tell through the song how he tries to assimilate the whirlwind that is happening around him” commented Cabrices, mastermind of the project.

Mixed and Mastered by Lennon Lester Robledo at ProgMaxx Studios (Venezuela-Chile), the album is expected to be released during the second quarter of the year, and Cabrices promises it’ll be “Something really special”. What do you think of “Escena 5: La Voz”? Let us know in the comments below!

AURA is:

  • Chego Cabrices / Vocals, narrator, voice of “Marco”
  • Daniel Uribe / Guitar
  • Enrique Pérez Vivas / Bass
  • Lennon Lester Robledo / Drums
  • Juan Dussan / Keyboards and Orchestration
  • Sandra López / Flute

Additional musicians:

  • Alejandro Cuevas as “El Futuro”
  • Avelino Romero as “El Padre”
  • Daniel Rivero, Vanessa Ruiz y Maury Robledo as “La Ansiedad”

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