VIDEO PREMIERE: Immerse Into Fuzzed-Out Punk Rock Psychedelia With ANCIENT TEETH Music Video For “Sacrifice”

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Imagine a sonic tapestry woven from layers of distorted guitars, each strand buzzing with primal energy. Lush vocals soar above, guiding the music through a seamless journey. One moment, it’s a head-banging punk anthem, the next, a tranquil soundscape painted with acoustic brushstrokes. The journey begins with a ferocious roar, then gradually unravels, revealing moments of quiet reflection and ethereal sonic detours.

This, in essence, is the captivating soundscape of Ancient Teeth, in full display on their newest video for “Sacrifice”, which we are premiering now, below.

Ancient Teeth‘s origins date back to 2019, when the project began as a personal outlet for Adrian Mottram (Sights & Sounds, Seas, The Getaway) to focus on songwriting while processing major life events. Backed in the studio by a legendary lineup of veteran musicians who are closer to getting a root canal than starting a TikTok page, including guitarist Chris Hughes (Moneen, Seas), bassist Jahmeel Russell (Red Vienna, Actors, KEN Mode), and drummer Mike Duffield (Beams, Flowers From Hell), the incredible musicality that is birthed when musicians support one another, unequivocally, shines through on every recording.

When I started Ancient Teeth I was living in Vancouver, experiencing the circle of life firsthand, and I didn’t really have a plan beyond making an album – which eventually became Deathbed (LP1). Chris, Mike & Jahmeel were instantly there for me as friends and delivered flawless performances. They have continued to show up every time a record is ready to go and that absolutely rules.” reflects Mottram.

Simply put, Ancient Teeth is Mottram’s mind and soul on a silver platter, held up and put on display with the help of a solid group of friends who collect to celebrate making music for music’s sake. “The impetus aims to inspire positivity and light against all of the ever-growing darkness in the world. I was put on this earth to make records and want to share that.


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