UFO’s Frontman PHIL MOGG Unveils New Band MOOGS MOTEL, Debut Album Arriving This September

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Moggs Motel is the new band featuring UFO singer Phil Mogg, and the collective has signed with SPV/Steamhammer. Their self-titled album is scheduled for a September 2024 release.

Anyone who’d feared over the past two years that Mogg, one of the most influential rock vocalists worldwide, would disappear completely from the scene after the demise of his band, in addition to his health problems, has now thankfully been proved wrong.

After a brief hiatus to catch his creative breath, the 76-year-old British musician with a distinctive voice is ready to present his latest band and release, “Moggs Motel”, which he composed together with Tony Newton (bass and keyboards) from the band Voodoo Six, who had been touring partners with UFO previously, and long-standing associate Neil Carter (guitar, keyboards, vocals). The album was recorded at Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris‘s studio in Essex, U.K. In the studio, the band was joined by Joe Lazarus (drums) and Tommy Gentry (guitar) to complete the lineup.

“Moggs Motel” Album Artwork

The album’s twelve timeless songs show that Mogg has lost none of his artistic charisma, uniquely expressive voice, and love of unbridled creativity.

“Moggs Motel” will be available on Steamhammer/SPV from September 6 worldwide ex-North America on CD, vinyl LP, and for digital download. Two singles, including video clips, will be released as appetizers ahead of the album’s arrival at the physical and digital stores: the album opener “Apple Pie” will be out on June 28, 2024, followed by “Sunny Side Of Heaven” on August 16.

Moggs Motel line-up:

  • Phil Mogg / Vocals
  • Tony Newton  / Bass, keyboards
  • Neil Carter / Guitar, keyboards, vocals
  • Joe Lazarus  / Drums
  • Tommy Gentry  / Guitar

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  1. wow. can’t wait to hear it. a new album! it’s like old days! anticipation! I thought the
    great MOOG was done! so glad to hear it! Wish it was UFO but this is good too.
    Moog did some other non UFO stuff that’s really good so this should be good too.

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