TWILIGHT FORCE Release Second Single “Sunlight Knight”, from Upcoming Album “At The Heart of Wintervale”

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During the past few years, Swedish adventure metallers TWILIGHT FORCE have been crafting their new opus “At the Heart of Wintervale,” which will be released on January 20th via Nuclear Blast. Three years after the release of the last album “Dawn Of The Dragonstar,” it is time to tell new stories and continue the incredible epos of TWILIGHT FORCE.

Now the Swedes please their fans by releasing their second single from their upcoming long-player. With ‘Sunlight Knight’ there is another foretaste of the long-awaited album. The second single is accompanied by a pixel art video, which visually complements the story behind ‘Sunlight Knight’ and gives a video game-style thrill to every fan. The amazing video can be watched below.

TWILIGHT FORCE comments: “Knights! It is dangerous to go alone! Are you prepared to venture into the unknown together!? Our second single from At the Heart of Wintervale is finally unleashed upon the mortal realms: ‘Sunlight Knight’
This is the tale of a valiant knight seeking fortune and triumph throughout the kingdom of Aloria. One day he happens upon a village hidden deep in the woods, where all light has been consumed and usurped by an ancient eldritch daemon. Our brave knight must hence journey into the daemon’s mystic realm to unbind the light, and free the villagers from the shackles of eternal darkness. Alas, the daemon appears indomitable at first. Our hero must set out again, to seek further skills and develop additional powers in order to return for the final battle… So, sharpen your swords, and witness the story as it unfolds in this sparkling nostalgic visualization. The magnificent art and video was created by KillingArtworks.”

Pre-order and pre-save the upcoming album“At the Heart of Wintervale” HERE.

TWILIGHT FORCE previously commented about the album: “After what feels like aeons, we can finally proudly unveil the details of our fourth opus: “At the Heart of Wintervale”. The record is set to be unleashed on January 20th. While the dwarven forges are busy assembling the physical manifestations of the album, we can all use some time to brush up on old incantations, polish dusty daggers, and re-stir murky potions – for this glorious quest will be upon us before we know it, and for that we must be prepared! The breathtaking and dramatic cover artwork is once again created by the brilliantly skilled Kerem Beyit. It depicts the tale told in the title track of the album – where an evil curse is broken, and an ancient dragon may finally roam the realms again, free and unfettered!”

“At the Heart of Wintervale” will consist of 8 captivating tales from far and wide, and will have a running time of approximately 45 minutes. The songs are all stories and legends from the Twilight Kingdoms, gathered over years of meticulous research, and will further explore and delve into the vast and magical world of its realms. 
“At the Heart of Wintervale” will be released on CD, Digibook, and Vinyl. The limited Digibook edition will also include three bonus tracks. The first one is a song that many of TWILIGHT FORCE‘s loyal knights may somewhat recognize; it is an acoustic blend of some of the older works, featuring an entrancing vocal performance and guitar work by TWILIGHT FORCE‘s very own wood elf Aerendir. The second and third bonus tracks are orchestral versions of two songs from the album, where fans will have the opportunity to experience a different soundscape, and perhaps discover new exciting elements and intricacies never discerned before.

“At the Heart of the Wintervale” Album Artwork

“At the Heart of Wintervale” track-listing:

1. Twilight Force
2. At the Heart of Wintervale
3. Dragonborn
4. Highlands of the Elder Dragon
5. Skyknights of Aldaria
6. A Familiar Memory
7. Sunlight Knight
8. The Last Crystal Bearer
9. The Sapphire Dragon of Arcane Might is Back Again *
10. Skyknights of Aldaria (orchestral version) *
11. The Last Crystal Bearer (orchestral version) *

* Available only in the Limited Digibook Edition.


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