THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA Announce New Album “Aeromantic II,” Listen to first Single ‘Chardonnay Nights’

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THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is back! Sweden’s most famous cabin crew is proud to announce the second part of the “Aeromantic” saga today, seeing the light of the day on September 3rd. “Aeromantic II” is another thrilling journey to the band’s core and their passion for traveling and being in motion – accompanied by the balance act of bittersweet sadness and pure joy of life.

You can pre-order and pre-save the album here.

The band states: “Aeromantic II is about circling around the globe in the stratosphere, never wanting to land. A continuation of the journey we started all these years ago. The Swedish melancholy and the simultaneous love of life, creating a new alternative world for all the restless souls out there. We know that you are there. We feel you. And the Night Flight Orchestra will guide you into a better place. Where the nights are made of Chardonnay and every day is burning. Just take our hands and flounce about with us in the twilight zone, where everything is possible.”

To celebrate the good news, your very own airline crew of THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA suggests you a good bottle of fine white wine – best served with the new track of the band “Chardonnay Nights”. Stream it below.

But THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA wouldn’t be the best hosts up in the sky, if they didn’t take care of good party games. Click here to steer the airplane yourself through the beautiful lit sky.

The band reveals about “Chardonnay Nights”: “This song tells the story of endless summer nights and a young man’s desperate fight to push his tomorrows away. To immerse himself or herself in the emergency of the present tense. The way the secrecies of the night reveal unknown truths, and you don’t have to see things too clear, you just have to see them.”

So, follow THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA on another journey telling the stories of broken hearts, hopeful beginnings and glorious party nights!


  • Björn Strid / Lead and Backing vocals
  • David Andersson / Guitars
  • Sharlee D’Angelo / Bass
  • Sebastian Forslund / Guitars, percussion
  • Jonas Källsbäck / Drums
  • John Manhattan Lönnmyr / Keyboards
  • Anna Brygård / Backing Vocals
  • AnnaMia Bonde / Backing Vocals

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