Rockers THE EFFECT Release Music Video For “Something Wrong” 

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After the success of their first-ever live show last October and the response to their debut song “Unwanted,” Los Angeles quartet The Effect is back with another song and music video.

“Something Wrong” further expands upon the sound that the band – Trev Lukather (son of Toto’s Steve Lukather) on guitars, Nic Collins (son of Phil Collins) on drums, Steve Maggiora (Toto) on keyboards, and newcomer Emmett Stang on vocals – established when they exploded on to the music scene just a short two months ago.

The song opens with a fun guitar effect by Trev before Nic’s drums and Steve’s keyboards join in to create an unforgettable musical intro. Emmett’s infectious vocal melody flows over the music as he asks in the chorus: “I want to know is there something wrong with me?” The track was produced by Trev Lukather and the music video marks the return of director Madison Leigh Lukather – who also directed the debut video. Watch the clip below.

The Effect“Something Wrong”

“’Something Wrong’ holds a weight of importance to me because it lyrically creates an opportunity for discussion into mental and emotional health that I believe is super relevant for the world right now. I think people forget sometimes how tumultuous life can be with its rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows. What I love about this song is it opens a dialogue into the question of why things may not be working the way they should and if it is possible that fault lies within us,” explains Steve Maggiora

“It’s about looking for answers in a dwindling relationship but finding none. ‘Am I the problem?’ It’s the search for resolution, to the extreme of offering yourself as blame,” adds Emmett Stang.

“Our plan with ‘Something Wrong’ was to take the listener on an emotional journey. This is a perfect example of The Effect as a gelled core 4 unit with a musically tight arrangement and an anthemic chorus that will stick in your mind like the emotions behind the song,” continues Trev Lukather.

“During the making of the album, ‘Something Wrong’ came at a time where we were in full flow. After already having a couple songs under our belt, we really set into our groove as a band on this song. It’s an ear worm and the perfect follow up to ‘Unwanted!’” exclaims Nic Collins.

More information on 2024 tour dates for The Effect as well as their debut album will be available in the future.


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