THE DEAD DAISIES Share 2022 Recap Video

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The Dead Daisies have released a recap video of the band’s favorite moments during 2022. Watch it now below.

Says the band: “What with writing, recording & releasing our new album “Radiance,” along with extensive touring throughout the EU, US, UK & Ireland, 2022 was both busy and fun! Thought we’d give you a snapshot of some of our favorite moments. We’re all going fishing for a week to recharge our batteries… we’ll be back with more Daisies antics soon so stay tuned.”

Last December saw The Dead Daisies releasing the video for “Born to Fly”. The inspiration for the song was guitarist David Lowy’s love of flying. From playing with a little balsa wood glider at the age of five to flying in a BAE Hawk, he was motivated to get his pilot’s license and to one day own a jet fighter. He spent his holidays learning to fly and after seeing the Sydney Aerobatic Club, he set his sights on becoming an Australian Aerobatic Champion and achieved that goal in 1998.

David would later acquire and learn to fly Spitfires and Vietnam War-era A37B Dragonfly light attack jets, which would lead to a host of other Warbird aircraft acquisitions. In 1999 he established the Temora Aviation Museum in New South Wales, Australia.  David’s passion for flying has stayed with him ever since.

“Born to Fly” Single Artwork

“Doug & I got together in New York earlier in the year and worked on a riff that I had written previously.  Doug had a chorus that just fitted, we messed around with the melody and came up with the name ‘Born To Fly’.  This is a straight-up rock song.  For me it’s literal, I was born to fly.  However, we’re all born to fly in our own way.” David Lowy

“Born To Fly deftly balances soaring and catchy melodies with riffs that could grind bones to dust.”100% Rock


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