TETRARCH Release Final Single “Addicted” From Forthcoming Album “Unstable”

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This Friday, 30th April, marks the highly-anticipated release of “Unstable,” the ground breaking sophomore full-length release by US breakout metal stars Tetrarch. In celebration, the band have released their fourth and final pre-album release single, ‘Addicted’.

Watch the visualiser to ‘Addicted’ below.

‘Addicted’ is a truly massive, spine-tingling endeavour showcasing the captivatingly brooding and introspective side of Tetrarch. It follows their three huge singles ‘I’m Not Right’, ‘You Never Listen‘ and ‘Negative Noise‘, rounding out a dynamic group of hits.

Frontman and guitarist Josh Fore says: “‘Addicted’ is a song about being consumed by something in life that to the outside eye may appear detrimental or dangerous. Even as our world may be spiralling away from us into chaos there’s something that draws us towards our obsessions. ‘Now I can see that the joke is on me’ is that moment of self-awareness: that we cannot escape who we are and that we are stuck in our own addictions.

Pre-order “Unstable” here.

“Unstable” tracklisting:

  1. I’m Not Right
  2. Negative Noise
  3. Unstable
  4. You Never Listen
  5. Sick Of You
  6. Take A Look Inside
  7. Stitch Me Up
  8. Addicted
  9. Pushed Down
  10. Trust Me

“Unstable” will be available in North America the following formats:

  • 4 page CD Digipak + 12 page Booklet
  • 4 page CD Digipak + 12 page Booklet + Patch (Napalm Mailorder – limited to 500 worldwide)
  • 1 LP Gatefold Black Vinyl
  • 1 LP Gatefold Glow In The Dark Vinyl (Napalm Mailorder – limited to 100)
  • 1 LP Gatefold Die-Hard Edition Vinyl (Various Colors Splatter) + Patch + Artprint (Napalm Mailorder – limited to 200 worldwide)
  • Digital Album


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