TESSERACT Release New Single ‘Legion’ Via Immersive Video Game “War Of Being”

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Celebrating the album’s imminent release at London, U’’s “The Gallery” at Tileyard, TesseracT fans were treated to an exclusive 5.1 Dolby Atmos playback, intimate Q&A hosted by Alyx Holcombe (BBC Radio 1) and able to experience the “War Of Being” game in VR. After which there was a worldwide exclusive first look at the spell-binding video for third single ‘Legion,’ the set of which was available for guests to interact with.

Now, following the immensely successful unveiling of their new album “War Of Being”, the band have made this magnificent cinematic experience available for the world over. ‘Legion’ is proof that despite being able to create songs that are larger than life, TesseracT ensure that the human element of a genre so often devoid of emotion remains strong. Musically it showcases the versatility and ability of Daniel Tompkins‘ effortless range and power.

Tompkins said: “Conceptually, ‘Legion’ sets the scene by introducing ‘Fear’ and its various cunning forms. Fear binds and restricts us from unlocking truth and obscures the paths that lay ahead in a deliberate attempt to skew our vision. From the perspective of our two main characters (Ex and El), ‘Legion’ sees ‘Fear’ tearing the fabric of their lives apart, as they experience their world crumble whilst dealing with the chaos and confusion surrounding them. The music video focuses on Ex’s experience of the same chaos, taking hold of The Dream as it crashes on ‘The Strangeland’ — the introduction to the story of the “War Of Being”.”

The video, directed by Richard Oakes (Dark Fable Media), depicts the opening scene for the concept behind the “War Of Being”, written by Amos Williams. Ex (played by Tompkins) gives an intense and emotional performance as things start to go wrong aboard ‘The Dream’, before crashing on ‘The Strangeland’.

TesseracT marked their return with their statement of intent that was the 11-minute “War Of Being,” a world tour announcement, and the unveiling of the world’s first ever VR concept album experience in ‘The Grey,’ bringing fans directly into the world of ‘The Strangeland.’ Now, the band now plot their course for the heart on the emotive ‘Legion’ as we hurtle towards the release of their magnificent fifth album.

Fans can download and play the game HERE.

“War Of Being” was recorded at Middle Farm Studios in the United Kingdom with Peter Miles (Architects/Sylosis/Dodie) co-producing with the band alongside Katherine Marsh of Choir Noir (Bring Me The Horizon/Architects/Marillion). Assisting with additional programming and production, the band was joined by Randy Slaugh (Periphery, Architects, Devin Townsend), with additional engineering by Forrester Savell (Karnivool). The artwork, which features characters “ex” and “el,” was created in collaboration between AI and human as a means to extend the concept into its presentation.

Pre order “War Of Being” HERE.

“War of Being” Artwork

“War of Being” Track list:

  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Echoes
  3. The Grey
  4. Legion
  5. Tender
  6. War Of Being
  7. Sirens
  8. Burden
  9. Sacrifice

Alongside the brand new album the band will be embarking on a worldwide tour that will begin in 2023 running through to 2024, performing shows throughout the US, EU, UK, Asia and Australia with support from Intervals, Unprocessed, Alluvial and The Callous Daoboys. Tickets will be on sale Friday July 14th from THIS LOCATION.


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