STRIKER’s New Music Video Welcomes You To Enter The ‘Circle of Evil’ From Their Upcoming Album “UltraPower”

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Canadian shredders Striker are inviting fans to enter their ‘Circle of Evil’, the latest single off the forthcoming album “Ultrapower”, moved from its previously announced release date of January 19th to February 2, 2024. This punishing classic metal track brings Striker back to its roots of speed and power.

“Secret societies, shape-shifting reptilians, and evil forces? You’d be running for your life too. We’ve got the nuclear codes and we are launching heavy metal nukes directly into your ears.” adds the band.

“Ultrapower” follows their Juno Award-winning self-released full-length “Play to Win” (2018) released on their own label Record Breaking Records and features the band’s latest lineup addition of long-time friend and guitarist John Simon Fallon (The Order of Chaos).

With the band writing material since 2018, “Ultrapower” is a collection of five years of Striker tinkering and exploring new avenues. The music video was filmed in the legendary Edmonton vintage video store, The Lobby, and produced by Josh Schroeder (Lorna Shore, Tallah, King 810).

“Ultrapower” is the Striker’s triumphant return to reality. The reality that shredding rules and nothing can stand in its way. There are classic banger Strikersongs, to dabbling in punk style choruses into full-on concept songs. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into if you’ve got the guts.” adds vocalist Dan Cleary.

Striker recently wrapped up their fan-supported Kickstarter campaign with exclusive special edition CDs, Vinyl, and merch to aid them with upcoming physical production, marketing, and artwork. Fans supporting the Kickstarter gave Striker the ability to continue as an independent band.

“Seriously… a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for your support! Some of you took us over the finish line at the last minute, breaking into the 30K tier. This means we’ll be crankin’ out some Special Edition CDs with extra bonus tracks! Fire it up!!”

Track listing, Album Artwork, singles, and tour dates will revealed at a later date.


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