SORCERER Stream Second Single And Title Track From Upcoming Album “Reign Of The Reaper”

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There is no stopping the mighty Sorcerer and in the autumn of 2023 the band will release their highly anticipated fourth album entitled “Reign Of The Reaper”. Again not content with repeating themselves the album features some of the darkest, heaviest and most aggressive material the band has ever recorded, and at the same time some of the most lyrical and beautiful.

Today the band has shared the audio of the album’s title track. Stream it below and pre-order “Reign Of The Reaper” HERE

Sorcerer – “Reign OF The Reaper”(Official Audio)

For “Reign Of The Reaper” the band holed up in their home studios and wrote music all through 2022 and then once again headed to SolnaSound Recording in Stockholm, the studio owned, run and operated by Simon Johansson (WolfSoilwork) with Mike Wead (King Diamond) assisting, to record the drums. 

Sorcerer likes to work with a small, tried and trusted team so therefore they once again employed the services of Ronnie Björnström (engineering/mixing/ mastering) and Jani Stefanovic (cover art for the singles & artwork booklet/packaging design); these guys have been working with the band since the first album and as per usual they delivered superbly.

The striking album cover artwork was created by Swedish artist Joakim Ericsson. Conny Welén as usual handled co-production duties. Anders says: “He has been working with us since 2015 and the reunion album In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross. Connys contribution to our sound is heard in every song; he is involved in the arrangements and plays all keyboards“. He also co-writes the vocal melodies and the foundations of some of the lyrics and on top of this he also recorded Anders‘ vocals in his studio. Photographer Marieke Verschuren provided the awesome band photos as she also did on the previous album.

For the opening track and first single ‘Morning Star‘, based on the fall of Lucifer, the band showcases their proficiency in fusing classic metal with other heavy elements with quite a few twists and turns along the way. With a bombastic rhythm section spear-headed by Evensand and Biggs, to the melodic and brilliantly executed guitar work of Niemann and Hallgren, culminating with the ferocious Engberg, whose voice soars, ‘Morning Star‘ takes the listener on a relentless journey through the kingdom of Pandemonium and hell itself.

Kristian says: “I came up with the majestic opening guitar line while I was in the gym, I remember that distinctly. I grabbed my phone and sang the line into the voice recorder, as I always do when I get ideas. I didn’t think much of it and promptly forgot all about it until it was time to write songs for the album. I had about 150 riffs and ideas that I went through and this one immediately grabbed my attention. I’m super-happy with this track and it sounds exactly how I envisioned it when I first started working on it. The guys in the band KILLED it, everybody played and sang their asses off“.

“Reign Of The Reaper” will be released on the 27th of October by Metal Blade Records and features eight brand new tracks guaranteed to appease the appetites of metal heads from all sides of the heavy metal spectrum.

“Reign Of The Reaper” Album Artwork

“Reign Of The Reaper” Track listing:

1. Morning Star
2. Reign of the Reaper
3. Thy Kingdom Will Come
4. Eternal Sleep
5. Curse of Medusa
6. Unveiling Blasphemy
7. The Underworld
8. Break of Dawn


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