SLIPKNOT’s To Spotlight Up-And-Coming Artists At ‘Pulse Of The Maggots Fest’

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Discovery is a crucial component of Knotfest.

In an effort to showcase emerging talent and fresh new contributors to the community of heavy music, is launching Pulse of the Maggots Festival. This is a free, virtual streaming event that will feature 20 artists that are all doing their part to move the culture forward.

The performances will span across three digital stages – the MusiCares stage, Rock Against Racism Stage and the ESP stage and will feature a roster of top prospects from the various subgenres of aggressive music.

Among the artists enlisted for the streaming event include: Hacktivist, October Ends, PRXJEK, Cerberus, Orbit Culture, Tallah, dEMOTIONAL, Vended, SCARLET, Year of the Knife, Introtyl, Wargasm, Diamond Construct, VCTMS, Death Blooms, Death Tour, Thrown into Exile, Once Awake, 156 Silence, & I Revolt.

The international assembly of artists underscores a diverse congregation of creativity, with a myriad of different styles being represented on the bill. Of the criteria used to curate the line-up, each of these artists, regardless of their specialty, project creativity, originality and excitement on the record and on the stage.

The festival also unveils Pulse of the Maggots’ new logo with accompanying merchandise for sale in the Knotfest Store, including a ‘Pulse of the Maggots Fest’ t-shirt in which a portion of proceeds will go to MusiCares. Also available will be every band’s new merch line and special items which can be purchased starting today and through the event HERE.

The festival will begin at 12pm PT on the MusiCares stage, followed by the Rock Against Racism stage at 2:30pm PT and will close out the day at the ESP stage at beginning at 5pm PT on Friday November 13th.

Stay tuned to for additional features on the artists and updates as they become available.


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