SILENT PLANET Shares Video For ‘Anunnaki’ From Their Upcoming Album “Superbloom”

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California metal band Silent Planet will release their new album “Superbloom”. It arrives November 3 via Solid State Records. The release date is significant for the band, as it arrives on the anniversary of their horrific van accident, but it is also a testament to their resilience.

Today, the band shares the video for new single ‘Anunnaki.’ Singer Garrett Russell cryptically says, “Something stirs in the forest. Under the smoldering shadow of Mt. Shasta, extending to the forgotten reaches of the Lost Coast. Our footsteps dredged up the last rites of an annihilated people; their suffering-turned curse coalesced into a blighted, blasphemous body. Listen closely. Behind the serene forest song hangs a dissonant note. A blood-thirsting shriek swings in the air, wrapping the fallen boughs of sequoias… resounding through the valley. Descendants of an ancient race — beings crossed between humans and beings from another dimensions – they remain and and hold the memory of the native martyrs. Their presence demands vengeance. They are the forgotten giants. They are the Anunnaki.”

Silent Planet recorded “Superbloom” over the course of two years, in Woodland Hills, CA alongside longtime producer and frequent collaborator Daniel Braunstein. A jarring turn of events split the process into two seasons. Trekking through a Wyoming snowstorm in November 2022, Silent Planet survived a vehicle accident. The van flipped over, leaving the group laying in the wreckage of a bitter Wyoming snowstorm as Garrett was hospitalized with a fractured back and head wound requiring stitches.

“The majority of us were awake when we felt the van start to slide,” he says. “We had some time to come to grips with the fact we were about to go down and have a close brush with death. Afterwards, we talked about what to do with the band. We went back into the record with an increased willingness to take risks. It bolstered our confidence to try new things. When the accident happened, it did something to my head, and it fed into the album.”

Along the way, they settled on a conceptual framework, expanding the scope of their vision like never before. “I grew up in Northern California,” he continues. “There’s a strip of the state known as Humboldt County, but it’s called the ‘Lost Cove.’ It’s a hotbed for strange and paranormal events like UFO and Big Foot sightings. There’s so much we haven’t uncovered. It’s possible our reality as we know it is not complete. We started telling the tale of a 17-year-old who went missing. It’s based on a true story with many details changed. Art dictates reality, and reality dictates art. Making this record was a very strange and mystical process. It’s the most magical and inspired moment of our career so far.

Silent Planet will return to the road this September, supporting Dayseeker. All dates are below, including Silent Planet‘s headline shows.

Silent Planet on Tour with Dayseeker and Moxy the Band:

9/22 — Bend, OR — Volcanic Theatre Pub
9/23 — Reno, NV — Ranch House
9/24 — Los Angeles, CA — Fonda Theatre
9/26 — Phoenix, AZ — Underground ^
9/27 — El Paso, TX — Lowbrow ^
9/28 — Austin, TX — Come and Take It Live ^
9/29 — Dallas, TX— Gilly’s ^
11/4 — Brooklyn, NY — Brooklyn Monarch*
12/30 — Anaheim, CA — House of Blues&
^Silent Planet Headline shows
*With Haste the Day
&With Dayseeker

Silent Planet are:

Garrett Russell / Vocals
Nick Pocock / Bass
Mitchell Stark / Guitar
Alex Camarena / Drums


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