SIENA ROOT Issues Modern Rock Classic with New Single and Lyric Video for “Keeper Of The Flame”

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With seven studio albums in nearly two decades of band history, Sweden’s root rock figureheads SIENA ROOT are constantly working on something new. They’ve continually changed their approach and experimented with their sound — not only to keep their music fresh but to challenge themselves which is one of the main reasons why the group’s relevance remains after all these years.

Their newest single and lyric video for ‘Keeper Of The Flame’ is a modern rock classic, stuffed with powerful vocals, rock organ, and bluesy guitar licks, guided by an ever-present, soulful golden thread. This ballad explores the conflict between requited attraction and heartbreak starting off slowly with Rhodes piano and vocals that tug at your heartstrings to only evolve into a fully blown rock track towards the end. Check it out below.

The band comments, “This is the trailer for our movie, Wheels Of Revelation, as well as the first track of the album Revelation and tells a story of fear one experiences when coming close to death and realizing the fickleness of life. Musically, ‘Coincidence & Fate’ is an all-analogue recording featuring dirty organ riffs and fat drums. That’s where heavy rock tunes with female front vocals — seemingly inspired by classic acts such as Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull — meet SIENA ROOT‘s remarkable root rock sound. Enjoy!”

Comments the band, “The ‘Dynamic Root Rock Experience’ called SIENA ROOT caught fire a long time ago. As we all know, you need to catch a fire to be burnin’ and this time SIENA ROOT caught an Atomic Fire: we are very proud and honored to announce that we are a part of the Atomic Fire Records family now. The new album, “Revelation,” will be released in early 2023, stay tuned!”

“Revelation” Album Artwork

Atomic Fire Records CEO Markus Wosgien adds, “We’re very happy to enrich our roster with SIENA ROOT‘s innovative mixture of classic, folk, and psychedelic rock. Their musical path as well as their everchanging sound charmed us enormously, leading to their new opus Revelation, which is nothing short of amazing. It’s an album that surely won’t only fascinate rockers but also fans beyond the genre. What an outstanding group. They truly know how to perform this music the right way!”

The record title definitely keeps its word: it’s a sonic Revelation and has become the most versatile offering in SIENA ROOT‘s long-spanning career, guiding listeners through a true journey rather than simply stringing together song after song.


  • Zubaida Solid / Vocals, keys
  • Johan Borgström  / Guitars
  • Sam Riffer  / Bass
  • Love Forsberg  / Drums

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