SEVENDUST’s CLINT LOWERY Shares Music Video For Solo Song “Silver Lining”

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SEVENDUST co-founder, guitarist and vocalist Clint Lowery has released the music video for his solo song “Silver Lining”. The track is taken from his debut solo album, “God Bless The Renegades”, which came out in January 2020 via Rise Records.

Lowery recorded the album with producer and co-writer Michael “Elvis” Baskette (SLASHALTER BRIDGE) at Studio Barbarosa in Florida. The drums on the disc were laid down by VAN HALEN bassist Wolfgang Van Halen.

I had 30 or 40 ideas and frameworks for songs,” Clint told Digital Journal. “I brought a lot of those to the table to Elvis, my producer. We went through all of those songs and we tried to figure out which songs best represented the material that I wanted to put out as my first solo release. It was very important to pick the right songs, and still connect with the SEVENDUST fanbase and at the same time, try to expand a little bit, and make new fans.

Regarding the recording process, Clint told Madness To Creation: “The recording process was probably the easiest part. I think coming up with the material and deciding what kind of record I wanted to make was the most tedious part. Here I wanted to do a super-heavy record. I also wanted to do a really organic, Southern singer/songwriter kind of thing, and then it just kind of changed and became this. I think with the recording process I watched Van Halen play bass and drums, and then with Elvis Baskette, which, through SEVENDUST, I already have a relationship with him. The process was just very smooth. We did the whole record in three and a half weeks. And once we decided on the songs, it was just about getting it laid down. Those guys are so pro and so quick, it was a very efficient record. And vocally, going in the booth and singing with Elvis, we talked in between takes. Him and I were just going back and forth and just talking about life between us. There were a couple of times where we would talk about our dads, and that kind of stuff. That was a very true piece of it I went through with him, and I think part of it was just the singer opening up. I left feeling lighter. I’m so glad I got that out.

In addition to SEVENDUST and CALL ME NO ONELowery has been a member of, written, recorded, or performed with DARK NEW DAYKORNREDTommy Lee‘s METHODS OF MAYHEMSNOT10 YEARS and DIGITAL SUMMER, among others.



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