SEVEN SPIRES Share Music Video For Second Single “Architect Of Creation”

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Seven Spires recently announced their new studio album “A Fortress Called Home” to be released June 21st via Frontiers Music. Today they have shared the music video for the album’s second single, a track entitled “Architect of Creation”.

Frontwoman Adrienne Cowan shared about the track: “’Architect of Creation’ is a bombastic romp through many of our favorite genres. On the spectrum from ‘mania to nothing’, this falls heavily on the mania side. But the true joy for me was in the arrangements — painting that world as the scenery of my soul! — and frolicking through them with Devin Townsend-inspired clean vocal stacks and Shagrath-y storytelling harsh vocals.”

Guitarist Jack Kosto followed up with the following thoughts: “Those of you who have been with us since ‘Solveig‘ will recognize the horned mask from the cover of that album in this video! Funny enough, during the multi-day shooting process, our rental car was broken into and the mask (along with the rest of all of our stuff) was stolen! We managed to recover it with only a few hours left on the last day of the shoot, and it’s crazy that this important visual piece of Spires history was almost lost to time over a freaking car. If you’re interested in the full story, it’s posted on our Patreon.”

Pre-order “A Fortress Called Home” HERE.

Bassist Peter de Reyna previously stated about “A Fortress Called Home”: “This album will build you up and tear you down in true Seven Spires fashion. I couldn’t be prouder of the life that’s been created in this, our fourth record. Revel in the anguish, bask in the glory, and we will see you on the other side.”  

A Fortress Called Home“, Seven Spires‘ fourth studio album is the highly-anticipated follow-up to “Gods of Debauchery” (2021) and takes their signature blend of symphonic power and extreme metal to new heights, dragging the listener to the deepest abysses in the process.

Adrienne Cowan commented: “I visited the void twice while writing this album. I don’t know which begat the other. It’s ugly. I love it and I hate it, and I think it’s our best work yet.”

“A Fortress Called Home” Album Artwork

A Fortress Called Home” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Jack Kosto who had this to say about it: “If our previous albums have intended to take you on an emotional journey of our design, this album forces you to confront the one of your own making. Good luck and enjoy!”

Seven Spires’ 2024 touring schedule includes a European tour with Skálmöld and Atavistia in March, four North American shows as direct support for Kamelot with Ad Infinitum in April, a headline set at Mile High Power Fest in Denver, CO, in August, and their first-ever headlining Japanese tour with Lords of the Trident in December.


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