SEBASTIAN BACH On SKID ROW Reunion Rumors: “I Am Way Too Focused On What I’m Doing In My Career To Even Think About That Right Now”

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In a recent conversation with Joe Rock of Long Island’s 102.3 WBAB, Sebastian Bach shared additional thoughts on the possibility of a Skid Row classic lineup reunion. Bach, who has just released his first solo album in ten years, “Child Within The Man,” was candid in his response.

“I do, but when I read myself talk about this, I kind of cringe ’cause it’s not up to me. Those guys are currently on their eighth or ninth replacement for me. There’s been a miscommunication from my camp to theirs that I will attempt to clear up, but I am way too focused on what I’m doing in my career to even really think about that right now, to be honest with you,” Bach stated ((as transcribed by Blabbermouth)

I’m just not thinking about the old days right now. I’m thinking about the fact that I’ve got a new song on the radio. ‘What Do I Got To Lose?’ is on FM radio across the country. That video is almost two million views in 2024. And in my day, two million views was double platinum. So, I’m not thinking about 1989; I’m not thinking about 1991.”

Bach went on to emphasize his current priorities, saying: “I am overjoyed to hear my voice on the radio in 2024. That is more important to me than thinking about what happened in ’91. I just don’t think about that, really. Not to say that I wouldn’t get the band back together, but I’m just focused like a laser beam on what I’m doing right now. So that’s gonna have to take a back seat, like for real. This is more interesting to me. My album, the way it sounds, and the reaction that people are giving it is more exciting and interesting, and creating new music instead of just playing the same old songs over and over. I love having new songs to play, even though I haven’t learned how to play them yet.”

On the other side of this story, Skid Row guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo was recently asked – in an interview with The Hook Rocks podcast – whether there’s been any change in his stance on a reunion with Bach. Snake‘s response remained unwavering: “Well, the answer has been the same for — I don’t know — 20,000 years now. It’s not gonna happen. And I say the same thing every time. I’m thankful that people have such an interest in wanting to see that happen, but I also have to reiterate that this is about being happy in the situation that you’re in. So I’ll speak for myself personally.”


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