SEBASTIAN BACH On Possible SKID ROW Reunion: “We Should Be Giving Something Back To The Fans That Have Made This Great Life Possible”

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Nearly three decades since Sebastian Bach‘s departure from Skid Row, the question of a possible reunion continues to tantalize aficionados of the glam metal era.

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Bach shed light on his lingering desire to reunite with his former bandmates. Reflecting on his tenure with Skid Row, he expressed a sense of unfinished business, emphasizing his belief that their musical journey was cut short prematurely: “For me, doing three albums with Skid Row, I was just getting started. “I didn’t think it would be over and done with so quick.”

However, the road to reunion appears strewn with obstacles, as past attempts at reconciliation have faltered. Despite the challenges, Bach remains optimistic, driven by a desire to honor the loyalty of the fans who have sustained their legacy.

“I can definitely see that happening considering they play the same songs I play. When I get a substantial royalty check for an album I did with musicians that I haven’t been in the same room with since 1996, I feel like a piece of shit. Because we should be giving something back to the fans that have made this great life possible.”

The current vacancy in Skid Row‘s lineup, with Lzzy Hale stepping in temporarily, only serves to reignite speculation surrounding a potential comeback. Bach‘s remarks, coupled with the recent surprise reunions in the industry – Slayer comes to mind – fuel hopes for a revival that could rival even the most legendary rock reunions.


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