SCORCHED MOON Reveal Official Music Video for “K-186f”

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Progressive metallers Scorched Moon have spent more than a decade reaching for the very stars they write of, and they are finally prepared to share their vision with the world. The quartet will release their first full-length album, “Obsidia,” on March 22, 2023. “Obsidia” is a spectacular tapestry of science fiction storytelling, and it is woven by technical complexity that meets innovative musical ambition. In anticipation of Obsidia’s arrival, Scorched Moon is thrilled to release the official music video for “K-186f.” Watch the video below. 

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Produced by Partita Studios, the video for “K-186f” sees Scorched Moon perform this entropic track with the zeal of seasoned musicians, and they do so beneath the umbra of dim lights. As the band plays in the shadows between towering cisterns, green hues and fog wash over each musician in turn. This eerie, otherworldly allure directs all attention to the demanding musicianship of “K-186f,” a song as complex as it is unceasingly heavy. The backdrop of Second Self Brewery melts away as Scorched Moon transports the viewer between galaxies with each breathtaking riff. Celestial splendor coalesces with sonic intensity, and “K-186f” drips with the enticement of the unknown that resides between stars.


This single is just a sample of the interplanetary journey that awaits listeners in “Obsidia.” Scorched Moon have played alongside Aether Realm, Wilderun, Oceans Of Slumber, and many other renowned artists across the years. “Obsidia” captures a taste of Scorched Moon’s earnest hunger to make tremendous art, and its quality rivals that of the band’s long-established contemporaries. For fans of progressive metal, especially fans of a sound that flirts with extremity on a conceptual canvas, “Obsidia” is a must-listen. And for a visual feast that shows off the excellence that Scorched Moon has to offer, make sure to check out the official music video for “K-186f.”

Scorched Moon is: 

  • Matthew Boatwright / Keys, Vocals
  • Jade Edge / Drums, Vocals
  • Trapper Lanthier / Guitar, Vocals, Harsh Vocals
  • Michael Sanders / Bass, Vocals

Obsidia” Tracklist

  1. Lost Adrift
  2. No Turning Back 
  3. Light of Day 
  4. Violence
  5. Triumph and Tragedy 
  6. K-186f
  7. Beyond the Singing Stars
  8. Silence Painted Crimson (ft. Vincent Jones of Aether Realm)
  9. Doubt

Find Scorched Moon online: Facebook | Bandcamp


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