SALIVA Unveils Documentary “Every Twenty Years,” Detailing Quarter-Century Career

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In conjunction with the release of “Every Twenty Years”, a EP celebrating the 20th anniversary of SALIVA‘s major label debut, “Every Six Seconds”, the group has released a short documentary detailing its 25-year journey. “Every Twenty Years” will be released on May 7 via Megaforce.

“We felt like it would be cool to give the fans a little peek behind the curtain of the history of SALIVA, so to speak,” says guitarist Wayne Swinny.

Adds drummer Paul Crosby: “Twenty years is a long time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. Making this documentary brought back memories of some really magical times.”

At just under 20 minutes, the killDevil Films-produced documentary encapsules SALIVA‘s quarter-century career, from forming in Memphis in 1996 to rising to fame with “Every Six Seconds” and the addition of vocalist Bobby Amaru after the departure of Josey Scott a decade ago. The film also includes an appearance by producer Bob Marlette, who recounts his work with SALIVA on “Every Six Seconds”.

“My decade in the band has been a great chapter in my life,” Amaru says. “This documentary was something we wanted to do for the fans to have an inside look because without them, SALIVA doesn’t exist. The ‘Every Six Seconds’ record has carried this band for 20 years and more. That’s special!”

“Every Twenty Years” track listing:

  1. Your Disease
  2. Click Click Boom (2021 Version)
  3. After Me (2021 Version)
  4. Greater Than/Less Than (2021 Version)
  5. Spyhunter (2021 Version)
  6. Spoonman (2021 Version)

Formed in Memphis is 1996, SALIVA released a self-titled a debut album the following year. After selling 10,000 copies of the self-released album, Island Records took notice of the band. “Every Six Seconds” and its hit singles, the Grammy-nominated Your Disease and Click Click Boom, catapulted SALIVA into the mainstream and is now certified double platinum.

After nearly 15 years, SALIVA parted ways with vocalist Josey Scott. In 2011, Bobby Amaru stepped in to fill the roll, infusing SALIVA with new blood, spirit and an energy similar to that which launched the band’s career a decade earlier. From modern metal to straight up hard rock, SALIVA continues to write in-your-face, anthemic songs, and win fans over through tours around the world with the biggest names in rock and appearances on the main stages at countless festivals and the most well-known motorcycle rallies.


  • Bobby Amaru / vocals
  • Wayne Swinny / guitar
  • Paul Crosby / drums
  • Brad Stewart / bass


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