Rockin’ Refreshment: KITTIE Unveils Non-Alcoholic Beverage Named “KittiePIG”

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Canadian all-female heavy metal band Kittie has surprised fans with an unexpected venture – introducing a non-alcoholic beverage named KittiePIG. It was born out of a passion for heavy music and a desire to provide alternative beverage options at shows and music festivals.

“I’m so excited for the metal masses to try KittiePIG!,” says Kittie‘s Morgan Lander. “Brewing our own NA beverage is new and uncharted territory for us, but I think we’ve really created something delicious and decadent without the usual regret. With an homage to our Canadian roots thrown in for good measure with the added Saskatoon berry flavor, it’s certainly a unique taste experience beer aficionados and casual drinkers alike will love.”

Grammy-featured producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and We Are Pigs frontwoman Esjay Jones, who partnered with Lander to launch KittiePIG, comments: “We identified a gap in the market for non-alcoholic beverages that cater to music fans and health-conscious individuals alike. Market research showed that consumers have been leaning towards healthy alternatives, seeking out low-sugar and non-alcoholic options. KittiePIG aims to fill this gap by offering a product that is not only desirable and delicious, but that also caters to fans as well as their wants and needs.”

KittiePIG is the brand’s first offering — a non-alcoholic blonde ale crafted for rock and metal fans who desire all the fun — minus the buzz. The product is responsibly sourced and sustainability prioritized. It’s sourced from breweries that care about the environment. KittiePIG is vegan and women-and-LGBTQ+ owned and operated.

KittiePIG not only looks fierce, but it pairs beautifully with festival foods including burgers, chips, tacos, ice cream, headbanging and heavy music!

KittiePIG is a heavy metal hybrid of flavors, including Saskatoon berries, hops,  and barley. It’s brash + legendary, with a hint of sass — just like its creators.



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