RAMMSTEIN Sued For Plagiarism, French Duo NINJA CYBORG Claims They Stole Riff In “Deutschland”

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Rammstein finds themselves embroiled in another controversy, this time around one where they are accused of plagiarism. According to DayFrEuro, allegations have surfaced from the French synth-wave duo Ninja Cyborg, accusing Rammstein of shamelessly ripping off their track “The Sunny Road” for their hit song “Deutschland.”

Initially dismissed in 2021, Ninja Cyborg‘s claim gained traction upon appeal, leading to the appointment of an independent expert by French justice in 2022. In the verdict, delivered on March 27th, the expert concluded that Rammstein indeed “voluntarily borrowed” elements from “The Sunny Road” for “Deutschland.”

Contrary to claims by Rammstein fans suggesting Ninja Cyborg was the plagiarist, the evidence suggests otherwise. “The Sunny Road” predates “Deutschland” by several months, making it clear that the French duo was the victim of musical theft, not the other way around.

The expert, Richard Dubugnon, appointed by the Paris Court of Appeal, left no room for doubt, stating that “too many similarities” exist between the two tracks to be mere coincidence. In a damning indictment, Dubugnon asserted that Rammstein had “without a doubt” committed plagiarism, marking a significant setback for the acclaimed band.

Read the complete report HERE.

Ninja Cyborg“The Sunny Road”:



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