PURE REASON REVOLUTION Announce New Album “Coming Up To Consciousness”; Share First Single ‘Dig Till You Die’

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Progressive alternative rockers Pure Reason Revolution will return with their sixth studio album “Coming Up To Consciousness”, arriving on the 6th of September 2024 via Inside Out Music. Betrayal, deception, fear, grief, mortality, and questions of sanity: heady and primordial themes animate the latest conceptual LP from Pure Reason Revolution.

Jon Courtney comments: “Spawned from the bereavement after my dog was put down, a numb & dry creative spell ensued, but after a meeting with my writer friend Craig Walker (Archive/Power of Dreams) & sharing how the last months had been, he urged me to get this experience down in lyrics & music. Suddenly the album flew out of me/us! In terms of the recording process, this album was probably the most enjoyable to make, with the various collaborations firing creativity.”

To mark the announcement, the band has also launched the album’s first single and opening track, titled ‘Dig Till You Die’. Watch the Thomas Hicks-directed video below, and pre-order the album HERE.

“Coming Up To Consciousness” is the third of its post-hiatus renaissance records that began with 2020’s “Eupnea” and continued in 2022’s “Above Cirrus”. Like those two predecessors, the new record is intensely personal. Its eight tracks are all between four and seven minutes long – concise by Pure Reason Revolution standards – and they grapple with darkness of various kinds.

Courtney, who lives in Berlin, shared writing duties on several tracks with US-based Greg Jong. The pair formed Pure Reason Revolution together in the early 00s at the University of Westminster, creating breakout hit ‘The Bright Ambassadors of Morning’ as their third-year project. They reconnected during the creation of “Eupnea” and have continued the partnership since then both in the studio and on stage. Legendary session musician Guy Pratt, who has worked with Pink Floyd among myriad iconic acts, provided bass guitar on seven of the eight tracks, resulting in more ambitious bass lines than any of Pure Reason Revolution‘s previous records. Meanwhile, Ravi Kesavaram, of My Vitriol fame, returned to the drums on this record after touring with the band in 2022.

Another newcomer on this record is vocalist Annicke Shireen, known for her work with Shireen and Heilung, as well as her solo project. Shireen stepped in after original Pure Reason Revolution member and fan favorite Chloe Alper was unavailable for recent live shows. With Alper‘s schedule remaining packed for the foreseeable future, she has been unable to rejoin the lineup. She and Courtney agreed it made more sense for Shireen to sing on the record if she was going to continue appearing in shows. Both Courtney and Jong have nothing but enthusiasm for working with her:

“They’re impossible shoes to fill in a lot of ways,” Greg Jong says. “But we were just blown away with how good she is. We were really excited by the fact that vocally she does have a similar tone to Chloe, and yet she definitely holds her own.”

The band was equally thrilled to work with multiple members of prog icon The Pineapple Thief; the record was mixed by Bruce Soord, mastered by Steve Kitch, and sees Jon Sykes playing bass on one track. “Coming Up To Consciousness” is also the third Pure Reason Revolution album to feature cover art by Jill Tegan Doherty, who Courtney originally met in Berlin on a German language course.


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