Prog Post Hardcore Band SATYR Releases Insane New Single “Picayune”

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Satyr is a progressive post hardcore band from Atlanta GA. They have made a name for themselves by blending technical proficiency, dense emotion, and complex song structures into one unique and impressive sound. It’s as if Dance Gavin Dance started over after listening to a ton of Meshuggah and This Town Needs Guns. Their lyrical content is dense and meaningful, which combined with their technical proficiency creates a sound that can be enjoyed by any and all on the rock and metal spectrum.

Today the band is releasing their single “Picayune” which will be featured on their debut full length album “Locus,” dropping on Friday February 21st. “Picayune” is the 9th song off the debut album and is full of dynamic twists and turns with quite a few explosive climaxes. The song features major key, djent style rhythms with soaring melodies over top, followed by a cut-throat, in-your-face, odd-time metal breakdown, bookended by another towering and bombastic chorus that leaves the listener wondering what just happened. This single, along with its psychedelic and electrifying video, is as impressive as it is exhilarating. Take a listen/view for yourself below. You won’t know what hit you.

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