PLINI Releases New Single/Video ‘Still Life’ Featuring ANIMALS AS LEADERS’ Guitarist TOSIN ABASI  

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Plini has released a new single and video, ‘Still Life,’ featuring Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leader. It is the second single to be released by the talented Australian guitarist and songwriter from his brand new EP “Mirage” which is due out on 1st December. 

Preorder the “Mirage” EP HERE.

Plini‘Still Life,

Plini comments: “It’s hard to know where to start with this song – it contains some of my favourite abstract drumming by Chris Allison, amazing bass playing and some very unsettling mixing by Simon Grove, and is the first song I’ve shared from the EP featuring live string arrangements by my longtime friend AJ Minette. It’s also my first recording using an oud. Then there’s the video, my usual collaborators Jamie McVicker and Declan Blackall managed to make something that feels, in the best way possible, like more of a weird audio visualiser than a “proper” music video, and Emily Jansz created the perfect set for it. You should have smelled the room after having a raw fish in it all day!”

Commenting on the collaboration with Tosin AbasiPlini adds: Tosin was one of the main inspirations for me getting into writing guitar-centric music in the first place. His band, Animals As Leaders, took me on some of my first tours around the world and we’ve since become good friends, so to have him play on one of my songs is something that teenage me would never even have dreamed of. Such a treat!”

Forthcoming EP “Mirage features 5 new tracks, a collection featuring live strings, piano, oud and a guitar solo from Animals As Leaders‘ Tosin Abasi alongside Plini‘s dexterous performance, there is plenty of sonic reverie still to come as 2023 begins to draw to a close. And with his biggest Australian tour production to date taking place earlier this year, the sky and perhaps even the galaxy is barely the limit for Plini as he ventures into a new creative phase, beckoning you along for the ride.


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