PINK FLOYD Silently Drop 18 Live Albums From “The Dark Side of the Moon” Era on Streaming Services

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In what somewhat has become some sort of a Pink Floyd tradition, the band have quietly dropped 18 archival live albums and alternative tracks from their seminal “The Dark Side Of The Moon” era. The newly released collection of recordings captures a selection of the fabled English rocker’s live gigs prior to the release of their eighth studio album.

The newly released live concert material boasts shows from Jan. 23, 1972, to Dec. 9, 1971. It presents listeners with the opportunity to listen and observe the band as they perfect the material which made up their favored March 1, 1973 album. 

Included in the drop is Pink Floyd’s complete four-night stand at London’s Rainbow Theatre, which occurred on Feb. 17 through 20, 1972, in addition to a five-track bonus assemblage, fittingly titled “Alternative Track 1972”. The latter boasts a rough cut demo of “On the Run” and other numbers from “The Dark Side Of The Moon”

This past year has been relatively lively for the legendary band, who reissued their 1977 LP, “Animals, in September, ending a four-year delay. Roger Waters and David Gilmour recently took part in the Disney+ documentary If These Walls Could Sing, which looked at the famous Abbey Road studio in London and their late band-mate Syd Barrett.

Check out the complete list of these live drops below, and check them out on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music and more.

  1. Live at Southhampton Guildhall, U.K., Jan. 23, 1972 
  2. Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, N.Y., Feb. 5, 1972 
  3. Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, U.K., Feb. 17, 1972
  4. Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, U.K., Feb. 18, 1972  
  5. Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, U.K., Feb. 19, 1972
  6. Live at the Rainbow Theatre, London, U.K., Feb. 20, 1972  
  7. Live at the Taiikukan, Tokyo, Japan, March 3, 1972
  8. Live at Osaka Festival Hall, Japan, March 8, 1972 
  9. Live at Nakajima Sports Centre, Sapporo, Japan, March 13, 1972
  10. Live at Chicago Auditorium Theatre, U.S.A., April 28, 1972 
  11. Live at the Deutchlandhalle, Berlin, Germany, May 18, 1972 
  12. Live at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, Sept 22, 1972 
  13. Live at the Empire Pool, Wembley, London, Oct. 21, 1972 
  14. Live at Ernst-Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany, Nov. 12, 1972 
  15. Live at the Palais des Sports, Poiutiers, France, Nov. 29, 1972 
  16. Live at the Palais des Sports de L’ile de la Jatte, Saint Ouen, France, Dec. 1, 1972 
  17. Live at the Vorst National, Brussels, Belgium, Dec. 5, 1972 
  18. Live at The Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, Dec. 9, 1972 
  19. Alternative Tracks 1972

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