Esteemed Photographer JEREMY SAFFER and RARE BIRDS BOOKS Announce Halloween Release for “Daughters of Darkness” Coffee Table Photo Book

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Noted celebrity and music photographer Jeremy Saffer has joined forces with Rare Bird Books for the release of the coffee table book “Daughters Of Darkness”, a photographic love letter to the iconography of black metal and doom.

‘Daughters Of Darkness’ has been a project that’s been in the works for a third of my lifetime,” Saffer says. “I knew that I wanted to make the most of this project and, most importantly, have it done the right way. Rare Bird not only shared my vision for what the physical collection of all this work should look like, but also are as excited for this project to come to fruition as I am. It’s really important that an artist’s vision is shared by the people bringing that vision into physical visual form.”

Adds Tyson Cornell, CEO, Rare Bird: “Rare Bird is happy to announce that we have acquired acclaimed photographer Jeremy Saffer‘s ‘Daughters Of Darkness’. A labor of love that took 12 years and over 400 models, ‘Daughter Of Darkness’ is Jeremy‘s photographic love letter to the iconography of black metal and doom. With 100+ photos, ‘Daughters Of Darkness’ is a coffee table book that combines a love of photography, music, and the subculture of metal.”

Having independently published two previous photography books, Saffer knew that “Daughters Of Darkness”‘s potential could be better realized through a collaboration with a dedicated publisher. Saffer quickly realized that Rare Bird Books shared his enthusiasm and passion for the project.

“Daughters Of Darkness” Standard Edition

“There is no question that Rare Bird will not just cultivate my work but push it forward with their incredible like-minded vision and guidance to make ‘Daughters Of Darkness’ the best book it can be,” Saffer adds. “Every little detail and nuance that was important to me was important to them. Walking into my first face-to-face meeting with them, the owner was wearing a SATYRICON hoodie, and we had talked metal as much as we had talked about the book. I knew I had found the perfect home for ‘Daughters Of Darkness’.”

Saffer‘s relationship with The Oracle began when photographing artists from the company’s stable of clients, including owner Dez Fafara‘s own bands, DEVILDRIVER and COAL CHAMBER. Seeing the work that Fafara and his wife Anahstasia have put into growing a thriving management company, Saffer felt it was the right time to hand over some of the logistical side of his business so he could focus on the artistic side.

“Getting to that next level in one’s career takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and sometimes the guidance of a like-minded team who fully understand and want to help you accomplish the goals you set forth for yourself,” Saffer explains. “Every conversation with Dez and Anahstasia is like getting a large syringe of adrenaline straight to your heart. Their passion, advice, vision, and positive energy is priceless beyond compare. I am so honored to be under such an incredible team who truly understand what I want to do and how to accomplish these things together. I have been able to let go of some of those hats I was wearing, knowing they are in more than capable hands, so I may focus more on my photography.”

“Daughters Of Darkness” Blood Edition

Says Dez Fafara: “We at The Oracle believe every artist is unique in their own right and brings something positive to the art and business table. We have the privilege of representing and being a guiding force in our artists lives,’ and our broad knowledge and experience affords us the opportunity to represent not only iconic musicians, well-known producers, influencer on air talent, as well as photographers such as Jeremy Saffer, who has been called ‘the photographer of a musical generation.’ Jeremy has a certain eye for his art, is trusted by even the most reclusive musicians to not only shoot live onstage but intimate and often forbidden areas such as backstage or in the homes of these stars. We are proud to be part of his journey in releasing his book ‘Daughters Of Darkness’ through Rare Bird, and we hope you all who follow true art will appreciate the dark aesthetic of these photos in his new book.”

“Daughters Of Darkness” is scheduled for release on October 30 and will be available in four editions: Standard Edition Bundle [Signed] ($60), Blood Edition Bundle [Signed w/ Slipcase] ($100), Extra-Bloody Edition Bundle [Signed Limited Edition] ($150) and The True Daughters Of Darkness Deluxe Box Set [Custom Hand-Sewn w/ 24 Extra Photo Pages Not Included In Any Other Edition—Exclusively Limited to 25 Copies Worldwide] ($666).

For additional details on each package and for pre-orders, go to this location.

The Standard Edition Bundle includes the book with standard cover, a “Daughters Of Darkness” tote bag, five 4×6 “Daughters Of Darkness” metallic mini prints, two “Daughters Of Darkness” corpse paint guitar picks, three stickers, one “Daughters Of Darkness” phone-pop, and an introduction by LAMB OF GOD‘s Randy Blythe and foreword by CRADLE OF FILTH‘s Dani Filth.

The Blood Edition Bundle includes everything from the Standard Edition Bundle, plus a Blood Edition Exclusive Slipcase, five 8×12 “Daughters Of Darkness” metallic prints, two additional “Daughters Of Darkness” corpse paint guitar picks and three “Daughters Of Darkness” and Rare Bird stickers.

The “True Daughters Of Darkness” Box Set

The Extra Bloody Edition bundle includes the book with a hand-numbered slip-cased limited-edition “Blood” cover not available in stores and adds a corpse paint make up set, a total of six “Daughters Of Darkness” corpse paint guitar picks in a custom tin, a “Daughters Of Darkness” woven back patch, a “Daughters Of Darkness” t-shirt and two “Daughters Of Darkness” and Rare Bird enamel pins to the Blood Edition Bundle.

The True Daughters Of Darkness Deluxe Box Set bundle includes the book in a custom hand-sewn version limited to 25 copies worldwide with a hand-numbered slipcased ultra–limited edition alternate cover not available in stores. The package also includes a custom handmade “Daughters Of Darkness” wooden box, a crushed velvet alter throw, a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity, two black candles, a corpse paint make-up set, a “Daughters Of Darkness” tote bag, 10 8×12 “Daughters Of Darkness” metallic prints, 20 4×6 “Daughters Of Darkness” metallic mini prints, a “Daughters Of Darkness” woven back patch, a “Daughters Of Darkness” t-shirt, a “Daughters Of Darkness” hoodie, a custom tin with six “Daughters Of Darkness” corpse paint guitar picks, three “Daughters Of Darkness” and Rare Bird stickers, two “Daughters Of Darkness” and Rare Bird enamel pins and one “Daughters Of Darkness” phone-pop.

Jeremy Saffer online: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Rare Bird Books online: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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