PERSEFONE Unveils Official Music Video For New Single “The Equable”

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Andorran extreme prog metal unit Persefone is starting off strong in 2024. Today, their captivating, hard-hitting new single, “The Equable”, has been released alongside an immersive official music video, which is a video art created by Gràfica de Ferro, a design and art company of guitar player Filip and his partner.

This comes just before the band sets off on their very first European headline tour, beginning in Henglo on February 10, 2024, and the release of their brand new EP, “Lingua Ignota: Part I”, this Friday, February 2, 2024, via Napalm Records.

Guitarist Carlos Lozano comments: “Writing music for ‘Lingua Ignota Pt. I’ has been a journey by itself. We ask ourselves all the time how to explore different ways to make our sound fresh, and how to avoid old patterns and mannerisms, and often, this leads to endless layers of rhythmic and harmonic complexity added to the songs. By the time we had to approach ‘The Equable’, we noticed that the bravery wasn’t about going crazy with our own skills, since we’ve already done that in the past… but it was about stripping the song of all that made us comfortable.

Technical proficiency and modern progressive metal elements drenched in melodic death metal influences are at the core of Persefone’s sound, and the outfit’s new vocalist brings a fresh edge to his first record with the band. As successor to the stunning 2022 release, “metanoia”, Persefone expand on “Lingua Ignota: Part I”, their collaboration with the renowned David Castillo, who produced, recorded and mixed the new album at Studio Gröndahl in Stockholm, Sweden. Castillo is well-known for his phenomenal work with genre giants such as Opeth, Dark Tranquillity and Leprous, as well as label mates Katatonia and Candlemass.

Creeping in with a hauntingly beautiful intro, keyboards and electronic influences build up the atmosphere on the opening track ‘Sounds And Vessels’ before screams lead into a brutal breakdown. Following the shockingly abrupt ending, the breathtaking second track ‘One Word’ kicks right off with pounding drums, screams and growls before introducing a catchy, melodic chorus. Church bells ring for ‘The Equable’, and the listener is carried away by irresistible heavy riffs leading to a massive chorus. Starting with surprisingly delicate guitar melodies and chanting vocals, the beautiful title track ‘Lingua Ignota’ impresses with skilled instrumentation and exceptionally rich soundscapes. Cinematic closing track ‘Abyssal Communication’ wraps up “Lingua Ignota: Part I”.

Persefone’s new offering convinces with top-tier songwriting that keeps the listener captivated through the album, showcasing impressive variety in soundscapes, and once again proves that this band can’t be pigeonholed. “Lingua Ignota: Part I” can be pre-order HERE. It will be available in the following formats:

  • Vinyl Marbled
  • CD
  • Digital Album
“Lingua Ignota: Part I” Artwork

“Lingua Ignota: Part I” Track List:

  1. Sounds And Vessels
  2. One Word
  3. The Equable
  4. Lingua Ignota
  5. Abyssal Communication

Persefone are:

  • Carlos Lozano Quintanilla / Guitar
  • Miguel “Moe” Espinosa / Keyboards and vocals
  • Sergi “Bobby” Verdeguer / Drums
  • Daniel Rodríguez Flys / Vocals
  • Filipe Baldaia Ribeiro / Guitar
  • Toni Mestre Coy / Bass

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