PAUL STANLEY Discusses The Future Of KISS & The Avatars Show: “We Want To Create Something That’s A Go-To And A Must-See For Everybody”

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The Allison Hagendorf Show has unveiled a highly anticipated interview with Paul Stanley, marking his first public conversation since KISS‘s final performance at Madison Square Garden in December. This dialogue holds special significance, as Allison Hagendorf also conducted Paul’s last interview with KISS at MSG, providing a seamless continuation from where they previously left off.

In the interview, Allison converses with Paul Stanley, during his first media appearance following the band’s historic final show at Madison Square Garden.

Asked about what the future of the band looks like after the avatars sneak-peak at the end of their final performance, Stanley shared: “It was a double-edged sword because we were showing people the avatars in their infancy and they look and will look nothing like that they will be mind-bogglingly realistic. You know that there’s good to that and bad. People will look and go well that doesn’t look anything like them, but what will be incredible, state-of-the-art. And what technology can do nowadays is incredible, there’s a a show that’s running outside London that sold out for three years and it’s an ABA show, and yet that technology is now old.”

George Lucas is involved with the avatars, and the idea is not to do a KISS concert, we want to create something that’s a go-to and a must-see for everybody. KISS fans will
love it but other people who could care less about KISS will want to see it. It’s going to be mind-boggling,”
he added. “It’s KISS and Cirque du Soleil and everything you can imagine on steroids. But it will really cross that bridge of what’s real and what’s not, and combine the two… It will be incredible. The idea that we’re gonna simulate a live show — leave that to somebody else. We have no desire to do that. We wanna create KISS, which is something that breaks the rules, not lives within ’em.”

BraveWords is the exclusive platform for this premiere, co-produced by Danny Wimmer Presents. The episode is available to watch below.


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