PATTERNS OF DECAY Premieres Dual Guitar Playthrough “House of Doors” Video at Guitar World Today

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Patterns of Decay is a five piece heavy metal band from New York. The band formed in April of 2014 and has released an EP entitled “Malicious Intent” (2014) and the full length album “Suicide Notes In Comic Sans” (2018). “House of Doors” is the first track offering from Patterns of Decay’s self-titled and self-released upcoming  album which drops on April 15th 

The song was mixed by Dan Thabet of Liquid Studios and mastered by Alan Douches of West Westside Studios. Watch the playthrough video for “House of Doors” from the upcoming self-titled album “Patterns of Decay” below.

Band guitarist and clean backing vocalist, Matthew Stirrat, says “’House of Doors’ was a song that came together very organically for Patterns of Decay. Contrary to our normal songwriting approach; this song was written over the course of a single band practice. You could really feel the excitement in the room when we were jamming on it too. It kind of pumped some new blood back into the band that we desperately needed. When we finished the song, we knew we had our lead single for the album. ‘House of Doors’ honors our Metalcore roots, while also showcasing our newer more mature sound, not heard on previous releases. This song represents a new frontier for Patterns of Decay; one that will hopefully lead to new fans who can bang their heads along with us.”

Christian Contello, vocalist for Patterns of Decay shares “’House of Doors’ to me is a reflection on a period in my life where the weight of past failures, personal loss, self doubt, and frustration all hit me head-on. It started with recurring dreams of being in a house with endless doors lining the halls. As I opened each one, I was thrown back into past memories both good and bad. This song is very personal for me, but I also feel that it mirrors the general mindset of our band leading up to its release. It illuminates the hardships, obstacles, and disappointments that we’ve had to overcome as a band, and reveals the fact that we are still here; working out of pure passion for the music. I think that feeling is really encapsulated by the lyric ‘We hate it when you come here.'”

“One more step and we see if our labors will bare any fruit. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve learned to become more than a band by becoming a family. During the most uncertain times, the five of us were there for each other, creating a support system built on trust. We made sure that none of us felt abandoned. That we all felt safe and heard. To us; it doesn’t matter where we go from here. It only matters that we stick together. Let’s hope more people catch on,” adds Matthew Stirrat.


  • Christian Contello / Vocals
  • Dan Gold / Guitar
  • Matthew Stirrat / Guitar, Vocals
  • Tony Romano / Drums
  • Jesse Herman / Bass

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