PARADISE LOST Frontman NICK HOLMES Eyes Songwriting Completion for Next Album In 2024

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In a recent interview with Jorge Botas of Portugal’s Metal Global, Paradise Lost vocalist Nick Holmes provided an update on the progress of the songwriting sessions for the follow-up to the band’s 2020 album, “Obsidian.”

“We started working on some songs,” Holmes explained. “Then we started the summer festival season, and it just got kind of lost in the festivals. It’s nice to allocate a period of downtime when you can write because it’s hard to keep your head on one thing when you keep having to pack a bag and then get on an airplane and go and do a gig and you’ve gotta rehearse for the shows. It’s just nice to scratch some time for that. So hopefully at the beginning of next year, we can have a few months of downtime so we can actually get working more on the album. But we’ve got a few songs done.”

Despite the interruption, Holmes remains optimistic about the band’s progress and aims to complete the songwriting process in 2024: “I think we’ve got a few songs done; we need to review them. So, yeah, we’ll hopefully write an album next year, anyway. Whether it’s gonna be recorded next year, I don’t know, but hopefully at least written.”

“Obsidian” saw Paradise Lost proving that their legacy of dark, heavy, and atmospheric doom metal was as alive as ever, and we can certainly hope its successor follows the same path. If you want something to tide you over while you wait, the band has meticulously re-recorded their iconic fourth album, “Icon”, delivering a special new release to celebrate its 30th anniversary. “Icon 30” is available for pre-order HERE.


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