P.O.D. Shares Video For ‘Afraid To Die’ Featuring JINJER’s TATIANA SHMAYLUK

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Platinum-selling rock juggernaut P.O.D. kicked off the fall with the video for their new single ‘Drop’, which features a vicious vocal cameo from Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe. Today, the band is back with another blast and is sharing the video for the equally eruptive single ‘Afraid To Die’, featuring Jinjer vocalist Tatiana Shmayluk.

‘Afraid To Die’ is an anthemic song with an edge, and the collaboration was born of P.O.D. and Jinjer‘s Fall 2022 tour.

“‘Afraid To Die’ is a combination of cryptic and triumphant melodies,” says Curiel. “It has storytelling rhymes and chugged verses, and a wide open, melodic yet semi-morbid, chorus. It’s anthemic In every sense of the word.” He continues: “Our dear friend Tatiana Shmayluk offers her unique approach and we had incredible musical chemistry with her. This is P.O.D. hitting the human core of our existence and dealing with love, fear, integrity, and most of all, family and friends. It’s ultimately an abundance of love and life.”

P.O.D. is a band of more than 30 years. But ask rock icons, what still inspires them after all this time, and they’ll tell you they still operate as if they’re perpetual underdogs. Yes, with every new album they release, with every show they play, these musical lifers still feel they have something to prove. “We’re still here and we’re still creating some of the best music we’ve ever made,” says guitarist Marcos Curiel. “When it comes to heart, grit and soul, P.O.D. is your band.” Vocalist Sonny Sandoval adds: “We’re always still proving who we are — always having that punk-rock mentality.”


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