ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Share New Single “Ophiuchus”

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After completing their highly dynamic concept album, “Zodiac” One Hundred Thousand had one additional song to complete. Named for the 13th major constellation of the zodiac, “Ophiuchus” arrived this July 9th, as the album’s epilogue — a final daunting statement from the band’s “Zodiac” odyssey.

Just as the constellation sits among the zodiac signs, the song ‘Ophiuchus’ is related to, yet divergent, from its counterparts. The “Zodiac” album ends on a question mark. “Ophiuchus” wallows in the record’s abandonment and despair and offers the most grisly possible conclusion. Listen to the track below.

“With ‘Ophiuchus’, we wanted to bridge the gap between the sonic elements of ZODIAC, and what’s to come next from us in the near future. This final bonus track encompasses the beauty and destruction that is ZODIAC.” –  says the band.

One Hundred Thousand recently released the full concert film performance of the album “Zodiac”.  Recorded in April 2021 by video crew Alex Dell’Aquila and Alex Ruiz at an undisclosed location in Totowa, NJ, One Hundred Thousand offered up this performance as a thank you to its growing audience, who connected with the band during the gloom of a global pandemic in 2020.


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