NONPOINT Shares Heavy New Single ‘Paper Tigers’ + Official Music Video

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NONPOINT has released a new single, “Paper Tigers”, via the band’s independent label 361 Degrees Records. The song was helmed by Chris Collier, the producer, engineer, mixer, and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with KORN, WHITESNAKE, LYNCH MOB, Mick Mars and many more.

NONPOINT vocalist Elias Soriano said: “In 10 records, 20 years and over 150 published songs, I can confidently say this is the heaviest track NONPOINT has ever released.”

NONPOINT has also premiered a music video for the song, directed by Alex Zarek. Check it out below.

NONPOINT launched 361 Degrees Records LLC in January 2021. They filmed the process of starting the label and making new music in a docu-series titled “A Path To Independence” that can be seen on the band’s YouTube and official web site.

In December 2021, NONPOINT released its latest EP, “Ruthless”. This followed their independent label plan of delivering music to their fans through more frequent releases and videos from the band.


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