NONPOINT Reveals Music Video For New Single ‘Ruthless’

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NONPOINT‘s music video for “Ruthless”, the recently released title track off the band’s upcoming EP, can be seen below. The single was made available through the group own label 361 Degrees Records LLC and was this year’s featured track on AEW‘s “Blood And Guts” on TNT.

The team at 361 Degrees Records comments: “When [singer] Elias [Soriano] presented the concept to the label, it was so brutal, we honestly weren’t sure if it would even get played. Now that it’s done, we realize it’s exactly the video they needed to do and the definition of ‘Ruthless’.”

NONPOINT has never done a video like this before, but says it was like being on a movie set with director Francesca Ludikar at the helm, leading moment after bloody moment of this fast-paced, heart-pounding roller coaster of a video.

We’re aiming for the temple, swinging for the fences and making heads rock in this one,” the band says. “Only one of us will be left standing in the end.”

The concept was written by Soriano, and even he warns viewers: “This is what happens when you take an infectious riff, athememic lyrics, an aluminum baseball bat, some duct tape, and a grudge, put it in a blender and serve it cold blooded.

NONPOINT launched its independent record label 361 Degrees Records LLC in January of this year. They filmed the process of starting the label and making new music in a docu-series titled “A Path To Independence” that can be seen on the band’s YouTube and official web site.

NONPOINT‘s songs Bullet With A Name”, “Alive And Kicking”, “In The Air Tonight”, “Circles”, “Your Signs”, “Everybody Down” and many others have been featured in trailers, hit movies, television, iconic video games, as well as broadcasts from NFLNBAMLBNHLWWF.

NONPOINT has toured with major acts like DISTURBEDPAPA ROACHMUDVAYNE and SEVENDUST, to name a few. They have also been featured on the main stages and support stages of iconic festivals like SoundwaveRock Am ParkRock Am RingOzzfestRock On The RangeWelcome To Rockville and many more.


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