NIGHTWISH Side Project AURI Reveals Lyric Video for Second Single ‘The Valley’

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AURI, the project featuring NIGHTWISH mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen and his wife, popular Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela, will release its second album, “II – Those We Don’t Speak Of”, on September 3 via Nuclear Blast. The effort will be the follow-up to AURI‘s self-titled debut LP, which came out in March 2018 via Nuclear Blast. The “II – Those We Don’t Speak Of” cover artwork comes once again from Janne “ToxicAngel” Pitkänen and bestows in its simplicity and depth.

The lyric video second single from the album “The Valley” can be watched below. Close your eyes and dive into the magical tunes and hear Johanna‘s youthful and tender voice…fragile, yet powerful and moving beyond words. You can almost see the green and peaceful little valley taking shape in front of your inner eye. 

Tuomas Holopainen comments on the track as follows: “The Valley” is an ode to homecoming. It`s about things worth a long wait, and about all the wondrous waypoints on the road. And, while you`re wandering on that road, why not write a little tune to keep you company. A tune most delicate and hard to catch, but willing to reveal itself once you`ve made your journey, and have almost reached home.

“II – Those We Don’t Speak Of” Album Artwork

AURI began its life with three people, united through their shared need to hear a kind of a music which can’t be described by words alone. The first song born of this mindset, “Aphrodite Rising”, appeared in 2011.

Kurkela lent her unique voice, while Holopainen and English composer and multi-instrumentalist Troy Donockley (also of NIGHTWISH) cast their spells with various other instruments. Now complemented by the dynamic percussive talents of Kai Hahto (NIGHTWISH), the threesome carves fantastical worlds entirely their own.

Donockley states about “Pearl Diving”: “No lifebelts needed. Where is the sea and where is the boat but more importantly, what is ‘The Pearl’? How deep do we dive to find it? How was it made and how old is it? Shapeshifters and the whispering seagulls of the 12-note scale will tell us. Aweigh anchor, Away!”

With a total running time of 50 minutes, “II – Those We Don’t Speak Of” consists of 10 captivating tracks:

 1. Those We Don’t Speak Of
 2. The Valley
 3. The Duty Of Dust
 4. Pearl Diving
 5. Kiss The Mountain
 6. Light And Flood
 7. It Takes Me Places
 8. The Long Walk
 9. Scattered To The Four Winds
10. Fireside Bard

AURI is:

  • Johanna Kurkela / Voices, viola
  • Tuomas Holopainen / Keys, backing voices
  • Troy Donockley / Acoustic and electric guitars, bouzouki, uilleann pipes, low whistles, aerophone, bodhran, keys, voices

Holopainen and Kurkela have been married since October 2015.


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