NAKED GYPSY QUEENS Sign to MASCOT RECORDS and Share Single “Georgiana”

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With the release of their single “Georgiana,” the Tennessee quartet Naked Gypsy Queens stake their claim as the new heavyweights of rock & roll’s modern-day renaissance. Rooted in amplified blues, hard-charging grooves, and dual lead guitars, the band builds upon the larger-than-life sound of their heroes from the 1960s and ’70s, keeping the flame burning for old-school hard rock while using their own 21st century fuel. Having just been signed to Mascot Records, the band’s forthcoming EP is slated for release in late 2021.

Formed while all four members were still in high school, Naked Gypsy Queens built their audience the blue-collar way: by plugging in, turning up, and playing out. They cut their teeth on the classics — the Rolling Stones, MC5, the Allman Brothers, and Pink Floyd — and funneled those influences into their own songs, creating an original sound that was loud, aggressive, and filled with supersized hooks. After developing a loyal following in their hometown of Franklin, TN, they set their sights on Nashville, quickly becoming one of the city’s premiere rock acts before any of the bandmates had turned 20 years old.

Our goal was to become the baddest live band around,” says frontman Chris Attigliato, who shares guitar duties with Cade Pickering. “We were loud. We were a band you had to see onstage. It started to become a cult thing, with lines forming around the block at some venues. We weren’t trying to achieve the highest number of digital streams; we were just doing what we wanted to do, and making the music we wanted to make. As it turned out, we were pushing some buttons, too.”

“Georgiana” EP Artwork

Showcasing the chemistry between Attigliato, Pickering, bassist Bo Howard, and drummer Landon Herring, “Georgiana“ was recorded in Detroit with studio veterans Marlon Young, Al Sutton, and Herschel Boone – the same team that helmed Greta Van Fleet‘s chart-topping “Anthem of the Peaceful Army.” Legends like Alice Cooper and MC5’s Wayne Kramer stopped by the studio throughout the tracking process, strengthening the bond between Naked Gypsy Queens and the rock icons who came before them.

We’ve got an older sound, mixed with something new,” says Howard, who remembers stumbling across Attigliato and Herring in the basement of the boys’ Tennessee high school, bashing their way through Led Zeppelin‘s “Whole Lotta Love” with beyond-their-years skill. “From the first time I met these guys, I knew I had to play with them. I knew we could make music that drew in other people our age, while still appealing to those who grew up with this kind of music.”

“I was already a fan of the Naked Gypsy Queens when I saw them play in Nashville last February,” adds Mascot Label Group US President Ron Burman. “However, after seeing them play live, all I can say is WOW! Their unbridled, raw, youthful energy blew me away and confirmed the fact that we had to sign them! They embody all of the attributes that define Rock & Roll.  We expect huge things from them in the future!”

With a sound that reaches across generations, Naked Gypsy Queens bridge the divide between the genre’s past and future, creating timeless rock & roll for the modern world. Led not only by Chris’ soulful howl, but also the sonic punch of a taught rhythm section and the interlocked riffs of two lead guitarists, Naked Gypsy Queens are royalty in the making.


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