MY DYING BRIDE Officially Address 2024 Tour Cancellation: “The Production Of This Latest Album Has Revealed Fractures Within The Band”

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Doom metal legends My Dying Bride just released their highly anticipated 15th album, “A Mortal Binding.” However, a recent social media announcement cast a heavy shadow over the celebration. The band previously revealed the cancellation of their entire 2024 tour schedule, including a coveted spot at Maryland Deathfest, without further explanations, but now there’s an official statement, which speaks of a band in turmoil.

The creative process behind “A Mortal Bride” seems to have exacerbated existing tensions, simmering since the production of their previous two albums. The statement doesn’t shy away from mentioning the toll the pandemic took, further straining relationships within the band. These internal struggles apparently culminated in “a profound sense of discontent” among members. Citing “stress” and “burnout,” the band emphasized the need for a break, impacting their ability to perform live.

The statement acknowledges a communication lapse with event organizers, leading to the “untimely and chaotic mess” surrounding the tour cancellations. My Dying Bride assures fans they’ve officially informed promoters and are working to minimize the impact.

We are left wondering – will we witness the band perform their new material live, or is “A Mortal Binding” a more literal title than intended? Only time will tell if they can overcome this internal strife and continue their legacy further ahead.

“The production of this latest album was arduous and challenging to such an extent that it has revealed fractures within the band. These tensions had already been observed during the creation of the previous 2 albums and were only exacerbated during the Covid period. Over the past few months, they have intensified, causing a profound sense of discontent among the band members. The resulting stress and the pervasive feeling of burnout, along with the physical and mental malaise it creates, necessitated a period of time off which unfortunately impacts live shows.”

“The reason for the lack of an official statement until now is because the band has truly hoped to resolve these internal issues and perform some shows this year while trying to find a resolution in time to satisfy all parties involved. Sadly, this resolution is yet to be found.”

“Regrettably, a lack of understanding and poor communication from our professional partners has resulted in an untimely and chaotic mess from which a recovery is challenging. However, the promoters have now been officially contacted and it is hoped that steps can be taken to minimize the impact on you all.”

“We apologize for keeping you in the dark, but these are indeed challenging times.”


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