MÖTLEY CRÜE Officially Confirms Reunion, Rumored 2020 Tour with DEF LEPPARD and POISON

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Rumors spreading over social media in the last few days have turn out to be true: MÖTLEY CRÜE have now officially confirmed they are getting back together on tour. 

After much speculation, the band posted a statement on their website, referring to their recent boom in popularity due to their biopic, ‘The Dirt’They will go ahead with a reunion despite their “Cessation of Touring Agreement” made back in 2014. Rolling Stone had confirmed with their sources earlier today, saying that a stadium tour with MÖTLEY CRÜE, DEF LEPPARD, and POISON was set to happen in 2020.

Almost six years after signing a “cessation of touring” agreement, the MÖTLEY CRÜE contract is off the table because a whole new generation is relentlessly demanding for the band to come back together. Following the huge success of their Netflix biopic “The Dirt”, MÖTLEY CRÜE has seen a massive surge in new audience. And the band best known for breaking the rules has destroyed their cessation of touring contract in true MÖTLEY CRÜE fashion, by literally blowing it up.

In the video declaring the return of MÖTLEY CRÜE, Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly), who played Tommy Lee in The Dirt, states, “In 2014 MÖTLEY CRÜE announced their final tour, putting an end to almost 35 years on the road. To make it official, they signed an unprecedented contract. In the years since, MÖTLEY CRÜE became more popular than ever, gaining an entirely new legion of fans, who, along with diehard Crueheads, demanded the band tear up that stupid contract and come out of retirement. They knew that if they were ever to stand onstage together again, that contract would have to be destroyed. Well, destruction has never been an issue for MÖTLEY CRÜE.”

‘The Dirt’ currently enjoys an audience score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. And its massive global success earlier this year saw MÖTLEY CRÜE’s popularity rush to new highs, catapulting the band’s music back to the top of the worldwide charts with the younger 18-44 demographic now representing 64% of the band’s fan-base. Moreover, in the six months following the release of ‘The Dirt’, MÖTLEY CRÜE has celebrated a meteoric rise of almost 350% increase in streams of their music across all streaming platforms.


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