MIKE TRAMP Re-Imagines WHITE LION Classics For Upcoming “Songs Of White Lion” Album, Listen to “Cry For Freedom” Now

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Former WHITE LION singer Mike Tramp will release “Songs Of White Lion”, on April 14 via Frontiers Music Srl. As the title implies, the album sees Tramp re-imagining select cuts from WHITE LION‘s catalog. A single for “Cry For Freedom” is available today on all digital music services, and can also be streamed below.

Pre-order “Songs Of White Lion” HERE.

Tramp says: “For me, the period of 1983-1991 was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Everything I did back then was for the first time, and even though it was beyond exciting and adventurous, when it came to an end, it was more than just the end of a band, it was also the end of a very specific time in my life that I had lived and been part of. Over the next 20 years, I would revisit that time in my life in small parts, but never felt 100% comfortable with it. I simply could not force myself to recreate what I once was.

“Now, here I am again, the year is 2023 and I have recorded an album of the ‘big’ WHITE LION songs as close to the originals as possible, but exploring small new parts that today I feel should be that way,” he continues. “I am not 26 anymore, I don’t sing like I am 26, and I wouldn’t be doing justice to the songs or myself if I tried to sing like I am 26. Today, I sing the songs that I wrote with Vito Bratta over 40 years ago exactly the way I am today. This is the only way I can embrace them and feel at home and be honest to myself and the songs.”

“Songs Of White Lion” Album Artwork

“Songs Of White Lion” track listing:

 1. Lady Of The Valley
 2. Little Fighter
 3. Broken Heart
 4. Love Don’t Come Easy
 5. Hungry
 6. Cry For Freedom
 7. Going Home Tonight
 8. Wait
 9. All The Fallen Men
10. Living On The Edge
11. Tell Me
12. When The Children Cry

Recording lineup:

  • Mike Tramp / Vocals
  • Marcus Nand / Guitars
  • Claus Langeskov / Bass
  • Alan Tschicaja / Drums
  • Sebastian Groset / Keyboard
  • Christoffer Stjerne / Harmonies

Produced by: Soren Andersen and Mike Tramp

Tramp will embark on the “Songs of White Lion” U.S. tour in May 2023 as well as participate in the the original “Rock Meets Classic” Tour in Germany this April.

Mainly active in the 1980s and early 1990s, WHITE LION released its debut album, “Fight To Survive”, in 1985. The band had its breakthrough with the double-platinum-selling “Pride” album, which produced two Top 10 hits: “Wait” and “When The Children Cry”. The band continued its success with the third album, “Big Game”, which achieved gold status. By the time WHITE LION released its final album, 1991’s “Mane Attraction”, alternative rock was in the ascendancy, leading to a swift decline of the so-called “hair metal” scene in terms of sales, popularity, radio play, and most importantly, relevance.


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