MIKE PORTNOY Says “It’s Poetic Justice” To Return To DREAM THEATER and “Ride Off Into The Sunset Together”

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Mike Portnoy is back in Dream Theater, and the progressive metal world has been buzzing about it since the news broke. After a 13-year hiatus, the founding drummer has returned to his musical roots, leaving fans wondering what it means for his other projects and, more importantly, the band’s future.

In the initial segment of a recent interview with The Prog Report, Portnoy shed light on his decision and what lies ahead. He spoke with a blend of nostalgia and pragmatism, acknowledging the immense output of his “post-Dream Theater” years while stressing his renewed focus on his original home.

“I did first 25 years with Dream Theater and then I’d spent 13 years, which is almost half that time, with the post-Dream Theater chapter and I did so much. I mean, it’s gotta be 50 albums or whatever with dozens of bands. I could not have been more fulfilled with how I spent those dozen years apart from Dream Theater,” he said of his time away, the countless collaborations, and a staggering number of albums across various bands/projects.

I could not have possibly written a more productive script than what I was able to do and achieve and create. So, some of those projects and relationships will continue into the future, but obviously, Dream Theater is now my home again, and that’s my priority. And surely for these first couple of years back, that’s gonna be my focus, and I will be devoted to that primarily, probably without much distraction. Down the years, maybe I could revisit some stuff with some of those relationships and bands and projects and people. We’ll see. But I’m just kind of looking where I’m at now, and where I’m at now is back in Dream Theater, and that’s gonna be the focus.” Portnoy continued.

“We start working on a new album after the New Year. And I cannot wait to tour and get on stage with those guys again. That’s gonna be the most exciting thing about it, of it all. So where the future lies for any of my other bands and projects, time will tell. Some will probably slip away, some will survive.” Portnoy added.

And that focus stems from a sense of poetic closure. Dream Theater, born in their college days, holds a special place in his heart: “And we’ll see; it might have future chapters. But right now my focus is just on Dream Theater. But I do have a tremendous sense of closure for all of that stuff I did over the last 12, 13 years. And it was an amazing adventure and an amazing ride and I couldn’t be happier with the fruits of my labor. Really, it was an incredible time. But I’m ready for this — I don’t wanna say ‘final act,’ but the reality is if you look at our ages, it probably is the final act…”

This sentiment is amplified by their ages. But rather than despair, he embraces the opportunity to end it all together: “And there’s really no better place that I should be spending it than where it all began with my brothers in Dream Theater. We formed that band when I was in college. The three of us formed it in college as teenagers. It’s poetic justice that we should ride off into the sunset together and end it together as well. It really seems like that’s the way it should be.”

One thing is clear: Dream Theater‘s story is far from over. This reunion, fueled by a renewed creative spark, promises to be a captivating chapter, whether it’s the band’s final masterpiece or the start of a thrilling new era.


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  1. I really hope that it isn’t the end of the road for NMB or TA. There needs to be at least one more reunion for both as well as this new chapter for DT.

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