Drummer MIKE MANGINI Opens Up About His Departure From DREAM THEATER: “A Decision Was Made That I Understood”

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In a recent interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast, drummer Mike Mangini shed some light on his recent departure from the iconic progressive metal band Dream Theater. While the news of Mangini‘s exit and the return of the band’s original drummer, Mike Portnoy, shook the music world, Mangini‘s comments offer a refreshingly grounded perspective on the matter.

Mangini, who had been with Dream Theater for an impressive 13 years, addressed the situation with humility and grace, saying, “A decision was made that I understood. That’s all it is. ‘Cause when I heard the decision, I understood it.”

He continued, “I tried to explain that I understood the parameters of that being a music thing. Anyway, it’s as simple as that. And I’m telling you, I was, like, ‘Okay, ‘I get that.’ The situation made sense to me when I heard it in that — I don’t know, I guess I just skipped out and thought, ‘Oh, that’s an original bandmember going back to a band. Oh, I get that. Okay, I get it.’ And that’s it. I mean, that is literally it.”

In the same interview, the 60-year-old Mangini also took a moment to reflect on his journey with Dream Theater, describing it as “an unbelievable experience.” While it may not be an extravagant statement, it perfectly encapsulates the deep appreciation he has for the time he spent with the band.

Mangini‘s journey with Dream Theater was marked by hard work and dedication, where he stepped in to play the drums and help the band carry on. His focus on ensuring the live shows were top-notch demonstrates his commitment to the fans and the music. And let’s not forget the icing on the cake – the Grammy win during his tenure, a testament to the band’s undeniable talent.


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  1. Petrucci is a kind of dictator in this band, Ask Dominici, Moore, Sherinian and Portnoy (though the latter is a sort of chameleon when it comes to statements)

    What was done to Mangini lacks a lot of class and tact and I kinda knew something was gonna happen :
    1 – The moment Portnoy played in the 2nd album of Petrucci, he was just over-praising the album too much and I felt like he was preparing his comeback, though the world music knew that it was a good album in a way but not too good to be praised like it was composed by GOD.

    2 – Sons Of Apollo disbanded and that comforted me in my guessing too.

    We all knew that Portnoy left DT because of the this Alpha Attitude of Petrucci on everything and Mangini was heavily muzzled by Petrucci (musically speaking) that’s why a lot of fans found its playing with DT a little bit different but the moment Petrucci gave him liberty on playing and composing, DT produced with Mangini behind the kit – in my humble opinion – 2 albums that equal 100% all the masterpieces during MP era and I’m talking about Distance Over Time and the chef d’oeuvre A View From The Top Of The World.

    I may be mistaken but you cannot deny that DT just got rid of Mangini in a un-classy manner.
    Anyway, Thank you Mangini for everything and hopefully we will see you playing in another fine acts.

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