METALLICA’s ‘The Metallica Black Box’ Now Ready To Explore; Premier Live-stream Event With Live Chat Announced For This Saturday

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Metallica have announced that The Metallica Black Box, once locked away, is now available for you to explore. Enter here.

Debuting with The Black Album Exhibition, the Black Box will offer an unprecedented and ongoing deep dive into every era of METALLICA from the early 1980s garage days up to its present status as multi-platinum, stadium-filling hard rock standard bearers.

James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo will “unbox” their collections, pulling their favorite, most significant, and personally meaningful artifacts out of careful storage. Much more than a “gateway” to all things METALLICA, The Metallica Black Box, in collaboration with Inveniem and Definitive Authentic, will provide access to the memories and experiences of the band members themselves, as it transports those who enter to virtually every imaginable time and place along the METALLICA historical continuum. Features available exclusively in the Black Box will range from the virtual to the physical — from weekly live-stream events to extremely limited signed memorabilia.

The Metallica Black Box launches with The Black Album Exhibition, featuring a collection of items curated to share in support of the 30th anniversary of the Grammy-winning, 16-times-platinum-certified 1991 album that not only gave METALLICA its first No. 1 album in no fewer than 10 countries, including a four-week run at No. 1 in the U.S., but remains unchallenged as the best-selling album in the history of Nielsen SoundScan, outselling every release in every genre over the past 30 years.

In the weeks, months and years ahead, The Metallica Black Box will venture progressively deeper into the METALLICA vaults. Its unfettered access will manifest in exhibitions and collections of rare artifacts and ephemera, never seen nor heard video/audio, and more — all dedicated to different facets of the METALLICA experience: the sounds, the visuals, the instruments, the culture and beyond. These collections will allow the METALLICA fan to experience the band’s story in a more personal way than ever before, providing behind-the-scenes insight into who METALLICA is, was and will be.

Join the Black Box livestream watch party with live chat, scheduled for Saturday, November 20 at 12 PM, PST / 3 PM, EST / 9 PM, CET / 7 AM, AEDT.

This concert is the first in a series of ten, all from “The Black Album” tour. Filmed with the house cameras during the September 11, 1991 gig in Graz, Austria on the Monsters Of Rock tour supporting AC/DC and taken from a dusty VHS tape located in the Q Prime storage unit. Since this was not a professional concert recording, there are several imperfections ranging from a raw soundboard audio recording to the occasional camera dropout. This was filmed in standard definition in 1991 so this livestream is a snapshot in time, warts and all.

There will be 48-hour replay from the start of the live-stream. Access ends Monday 12 PM, PST / 3 PM, EST / 9 PM, CET / 7 AM, AEDT.


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