Is METALLICA’s No Repeat Weekend Concept ‘Self-Serving’ or ‘Fan-Friendly’? DEE SNIDER Chimes In

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In a recent appearance on the latest episode of the Kiss podcast “Shout It Out Loudcast”, Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider offered his take on Metallica‘s decision to play two shows in each city on their current “M72” world tour with completely different setlists. Snider called the concept “self-serving” and said that it only appeals to a “small percentage of the crowd.”

 “Well, I wasn’t aware they were doing that, and credit to them, but I think it’s kind of self-serving. And it really only appeals to a small percentage of the crowd. The majority of the people going to these shows — and not just [people who are going to see] Metallica; [this also applies to bands like] Kiss and Twisted Sister — they’re there for the hits. The percentage of people who know the deeper cuts and are willing to accept not hearing ‘Enter Sandman’ one night, that’s a very small bunch of people” Snider offered.

Metallica’s audience has grown so far beyond just hardcore fans. They have hits. And then I harken back to when Iron Maiden toured. Remember they played the entire new album; they refused to play any of their hits. The audience was furious. Bruce Dickinson was yelling at the crowd because they weren’t getting into it. It was self-serving to do that. And the next year they came back, and it was the biggest hits only, ’cause they had to make up for that.”

Snider‘s comments will probably spark some debate. Some people will agree, arguing that the “No Repeat Weekend” concept is a way for Metallica to show off their vast catalog of songs and avoid playing the same old hits night after night. 

Others (myself included) will argue that the concept is a way to reward fans who are willing to travel to multiple shows and to give them a unique experience.

Ultimately, whether or not the “No Repeat Weekend” concept is self-serving or fan-friendly is a matter of opinion. However, there is no doubt that it is a unique and ambitious undertaking. It will be interesting to see how fans react to the concept and whether or not it becomes a regular part of Metallica‘s touring schedule.


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