MARTY FRIEDMAN Unveils Music Video For “Japan Heritage Official Theme Song”

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Former Megadeth guitarist, Marty Friedman, has released a long-in-the-making music video for “Japan Heritage Official Theme Song”, featured on his “Tokyo Jukebox 3” album.

In a long an explanative social media post, Marty explains: “Many people outside of Japan relegate their image of Japan to anime/cosplay conventions, Harajuku fashion, futuristic neon signs and Samurai warriors. This is an incredible shame because as uniquely Japanese as all those things are, that isn’t even the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

I always wanted to do a spectacular video showing the rich yet completely understated beauty of Japan, to show people a side of the country rarely seen outside of Japan.

Most bands from overseas come to Japan and play in 3 cities – Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. If they are lucky, they come again and add Sendai, Fukuoka, maybe Kyoto. Since I was constantly touring all over Japan, I was fortunate to play also in Akita, Nobeoka, Hiroshima, Tottori, Kagawa, Sapporo, Kobe, Nagaoka, Kanazawa, Yokohama, Yonago, Okinawa, Nagasaki and so many other wonderful places. I wanted to make a video to show these rarely seen locations and unique artistic customs, and just share some of the wonder that I was lucky to experience over the time I lived in Japan.

Well, that was an ambitious dream, and it didn’t soon materialize.

I did a video for “Undertow” which was good for what it was and had a very Japanese theme, but nowhere near the extravagant picturesque video I had in mind.

A video was made for “Inferno” which also had a very Japanese theme, but many people outside Japan saw it and just thought I was a nutcase. Even the American director who made the video had no idea what I was talking about.

The first thing I thought of after I finished composing the Japan Heritage Theme Song for the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra was, “This is going to be perfect for the video I always wanted to make. I’m going to guide all my friends from around the world through visions of Japan that will make them want to visit more than ever.” I was filled with the excitement of the prospect.

Of course then Covid pretty much wiped out the idea of anyone coming into the country for what seemed to be an indefinite period of time. Before I could even get started on any kind of music video for the song , it got put onto the back burner.

As soon as I saw things starting to lean towards re-opening the borders, I pushed the idea of making this video to the powers that be (and there are many whenever you are doing anything even remotely government related) with an urgency,, knowing that really soon, people from all around the world will want to discover this mysterious place. Its a bucket list destination for sure, and I knew that I wanted to play even a tiny part in making a few dreams come true.

So now the video is finally done, and I am ecstatic about how it came out. Japan is a small country with so much cool stuff packed tightly in it, it is truly a feast for your imagination. Every culture has its own beautiful traits and Japan is certainly no exception. I am excited to show you my musical interpretation of Japan as a foreigner who has been here quite some time. If it resonates with you even a tiny bit, I’ll be thrilled.”

Recently, Marty was announced as direct support on the upcoming Queensrÿche tour. Marty is confirmed to perform on 31-dates with Queensrÿche kicking off on March 3rd in Orlando, FL and running through April 16th where is wraps up in St. Petersburg, FL. Along the way, the tour will make stops in Dallas, TX (March 11th); Anaheim, CA (March 19th); Chicago, IL (March 31st), New York, NY (April 10th) and Nashville, TN (April 14th) to name a few.

Also, Marty recently announced two headline shows on his own: March 17th in Las Vegas, NV at Counts Vampd and March 18th in Los Angeles, CA at the Whisky A Go Go. The tour marks Marty’s first time performing in the US since 2019. Tickets for all performances by Marty Friedman can be found HERE.


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