MARTY FRIEDMAN To Participate In “Insider’s View Of Japan” Event At JAPAN FOUNDATION In Los Angeles

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Why did legendary guitarist Marty Friedman leave one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history and decide to move to Japan in 2003?  And more importantly, what has kept him there ever since, over 20 years later? 

On Thursday, November 9, former Megadeth guitarist Marty Friedman will return to the Japan Foundation in Los Angeles to participate in another public question-and-answer session, “Ask Marty Vol. 2: An Insider’s View Of Japan Through The Eyes Of An American Rockstar”.

Those wishing to attend, can reserve their spot now at the Japan Foundation Los Angeles web site.

Marty Friedman will expose Japan to you in ways you’ve never contemplated. Please send in your questions to Marty on five areas of life in Japan: language, music, lifestyle, manners, food, or any other burning questions you may have, and he will answer them as candidly as a rockstar possibly can!”

Friedman is an American guitarist who first became known as the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Megadeth, which sold over 10 million copies and earned multiple Grammy nominations during his tenure.

His overwhelming love of Japanese music and the Japanese language, in which he became fluent, led him to move to Tokyo in 2003. He soon became a fixture on Japanese TV, featured in hundreds of television programs, commercials and even motion pictures. In 2017, the Japanese government appointed him Ambassador Of Japan Heritage, and he is the first foreigner ever to receive this title. With his home base in Tokyo, he continues to do concert tours around the world every year.


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